Belgian New Beat - The Compilation Volume 2

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label code:541795CD
Release date:10.2018
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Genre(s):new beat


1-1.Renegade Soundwave - Cocaine sex (Sub Aqua overdrive dub)
1-2.Schicksal - Manipulations
1-3.Trans World Action feat. Rebel - Trans dance (Metal mix)
1-4.War People - Take her down
1-5.Pete Shelley - Witness the change
1-6.Nux Nemo - Hiroshima
1-7.The Secrets of China - Chinese ways
1-8.Blue Vertigo - Abadan
1-9.Chico Crew - Noise gate (Sancho mix)
1-10.Miss Nude - Taste my acid fruit
1-11.Miss Nicky Trax - Acid in the house
1-12.The Maxx - Cocaine
1-13.Jamie Principle - Baby wants to ride
1-14.F.O.G. - Electricity (Maxi versie)
2-1.Newcleus - Automan (Dub mix)
2-2.Alan Rankine - Rumours of war
2-3.Dr. Phibes - Vachillia (Nasty Phibes mix)
2-4.White House White - God bless America
2-5.Carlos Peron - A dirty song (Instrumental)
2-6.Beat Beat Beat - Beat in the street (Maxi versie)
2-7.Acidity - Komobinn
2-8.Cosmetics - Cold house smiley
2-9.Bx-8017 - Take an Acid
2-10.Zag - Rauchen (Instrumental)
2-11.F.X. Intruders - Take me to your leader
2-12.Greyhouse - New beats the house
2-13.Amnesia - Ibiza (Loco Acid Remix)
2-14.Nitzer Ebb - Alarm
2-15.101 - Saigon nightmare
3-1.Chayell - Beach
3-2.Section 25 - Looking from a hilltop (Megamix)
3-3.Bill Nelson - When your dream of perfect beauty comes true
3-4.Ei Mori - Vetettem violat
3-5.Rebel X and Vector - Controller II (The continious story)
3-6.S.M. - SM
3-7.Bleep - Cycle 92
3-8.Signal aout 42 - Pleasure and Crime (Instrumental)
3-9.Domination - Paranoia (Destruction mix)
3-10.Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something scary
3-11.Reject 707 - Brainkiller
3-12.Bazz - The drop deal
3-13.Nebula - Nebula 1
4-1.Chris and Cosey - He's an arabian
4-2.Shock Taktix - Morocko
4-3.Blancmange - Game above my head
4-4.Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco
4-5.Target - Target (New Beat mix)
4-6.Gang of V.D.P. - Body heat
4-7.Public Relation - Public Relations
4-8.Danton's voice - Kick your
4-9.Kash in the East - Kamaleio
4-10.Intension - Tragic revolution
4-11.Inter Phase - Back from the space
4-12.New Design - Some like it hot
4-13.The Concrete Beat - It's not the way to do it (Instrumental)
4-14.Fred Brown - Roman days
4-15.Kate B. - Breakdown