Biber - Requiem

Composer(s),:Heinrich Biber, Christoph Bernhard, Johann Michael Nicolai, Johann Joseph Fux
Performer(s):Vox Luminis, Freiburger Barockconsort
Conductor(s):Lionel Meunier
Label code:ALPHA 665
Distributor:Outhere Music Group
Release date:26.02.2021
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Christoph Bernhard
- Herr, Nun Lässest du Deinen Diener
- Tribularer si Nescirem

Johann Michael Nicolai
- Sonata A 6 in A Minor

Heinrich Biber
- Requiem in F Minor, C 8

Johann Joseph Fux
- Sonata A 4 in G Minor, K.347
- Omnis Terra Adoret, K.183


The winner of numerous prestigious prizes, including several Gramophone Awards, the vocal ensemble Vox Luminis, founded by Lionel Meunier in 2004, is now regarded as a benchmark in the interpretation of the great works of German Baroque music. Its unfailingly faithful and lively approach to such masters as Bach, Buxtehude and Scheidt has made the group’s reputation, but this new recording features a major work by Heinrich Biber, a composer hitherto absent from its discography: his Requiem in F minor for 14 voices, composed around 1692. The programme is completed by two sacred works by Christoph Bernhard (Herr, nun lässest du deinen Diener in Friede fahren and Tribularer si nescirem misericordias tuas), two pieces by Johann Joseph Fux, and the Sonata a 6 in A minor of Johann Michael Nicolai. This recording marks the beginning of a collaboration between Vox Luminis and another internationally renowned ensemble, the Freiburger Barockorchester, heard here in its Consort formation.

(source: Outhere Music, february 2021)