Dry those eyes

Composer(s),:Jean-Baptiste Lully, Henry Purcell, William Croft, John Blow, Jeremiah Clarke, Gottfried Finger
Performer(s):Les Goûts-Authentiques
Conductor(s):Jan Devlieger
Label code:KTC 1727
Release date:07.10.2021
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Jean-Baptiste Lully
- Mister Baptist of France his Ground

Henry Purcell
- Dry those eyes
- Return fond muse
- With him he brings the partner of his throne
- Charon the peaceful shade invites
- Ground in G minor
- Sing, sing, ye druids

William Croft
- Chacone in A minor

Gottfried Finger
- A Ground in A minor

John Blow
- Dr. Blow's Chacone in Faut
- An ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell
- Ground in C minor

Jeremiah Clarke
- Suite in G minor