Experience Music

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
Label code:FMC 2001/03-01
Release date:09.2001
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1-1.YUM - Day one (Prent mix)
1-2.Venus in Flames - Safe Haven
1-3.Flip Kowlier - Welgemeende
1-4.Cocktail Lounge Performers - Fisherman's Friend
1-5.Kris Dane - Quality
1-6.Buscemi - Ramiro's theme
1-7.Sunzoo Manley - You never failed me yet
1-8.Boenox - Summer City Lounge
1-9.Reiziger - Windows of the world
1-10.Stache - Grow up to be just like you
1-11.Angelico - City
1-12.Mindstab - Sleeper
1-13.The Revelaires - Intoxica
1-14.Soul 4 You - Ain't that So(ul)
1-15.Lunascape - Yairo
1-16.Ghalia Benali & Timnaa - Baidha
2-1.Tom Helsen - When Marvin calls (Edit)
2-2.Zornik - It's so unreal
2-3.Starfighter - Beautiful Machine
2-4.The 1's - (Why don't you) Shut up!
2-5.Eden - Push up
2-6.Janez Detd - Rock on! (Debbie's a spaz!)
2-7.Mintzkov Luna - Copper
2-8.Vive La FĂȘte - Tokyo
2-9.Airlock - Drama 73
2-10.Eavesdropper - Raylet (Extended version)
2-11.Sioen - Souvenir
2-12.Riguelle & Hautekiet - Words (Between the lines of age)
2-13.Bherman - Love live
2-14.Admiral Freebee - There's a road (Noorderlaan)
2-15.Moonlake - Feedback nr.1
2-16.Golden Green - Scary
2-17.The Dill Brothers - What I have done