Label code:K049
Release date:10.2005
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Genre(s):free folk & underground, improvisatie / experimenteel
Language:Instrumental, English


1.Rebound from the cliff
2.Echo all acoustically correct
3.I look at her with the euh
4.The radiant sheen
5.The gloom of the darkest way
6.All my hopes have collapsed
7.No greater gravity
8.The sinister snow squaws


"Ignatz plays upon the strange felicities of microphonic feedback, hum, snagged strings - snaring them in his sampler so that each track has a feeling of spontaneity, of chance discoveries seized. When a track is completed he erases his sampler memory so that each one retains an elusive, unrepeatable quality." (...) "'I Rebound from the cliff' is the most extraordinary piece here. Its tail-chasing figures of torpid distortion peel away like layers from an onion until the whole has morphed completely to leave only a clatter of fine jingling chimes."
Sam Davies, The Wire 264, januari 2006, p.50 (01.02.2006)

"Ignatz is oddly glorious. Not unlike Robert Lowe's fine Lichens project, Devens conjures sparsely with guitar, pedals, and sampler. Slow, twanging guitar chords open the album on "Rebound from the Cliff". Devens barks out barely comprehensible lyrics in a thick reverberating drawl, like some cybernetic Dock Boggs. The song is soon subsumed into a flurry of melodious finger-picking treated to sound like an amped-up player piano, looping into ruin. (...) Listen carefully and you will catch the real American folk revival unfolding, not the bearded acoustics of handsome hippies and earnest neo-troubadours. It lies behind them and beneath them, and yes, even in Brussels. The music is noisy and untrammeled. It does not speak of clouds and it does not speak of justice. But it will occasionally undertake the hard work of all true folk music, which is reckoning with the gravity of the past. And at its best, it will find the New World old again, ineluctably old." 8/10
Brent S. Sirota, Pitchforkmedia.com (23.03.2006)