Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
Label code:FMC 2005/05
Release date:05.2005
Present in Music centreja
Language:English, Instrumental


Clicks, cuts, crackles and glitches. Feisty noise. Old skool electronic beats. Sweaty Latin vibes. It's pop, Jim, but not as we know it. Get your ears ready for 16 tracks of our finest knob twiddeling! "Elektromium: a Wide Range of Electronic Music from Flanders" features 16 tracks of homegrown electronic music - ranging from experimental soundscapes to hot club tunes. A handy pocket guide to electronic music and festivals in Flanders is included in the booklet of the cd.


1.Magnus - Summer's here
2.Styrofoam - Couches in Alleys
3.Soulwax - E Talking (Nite Versions remix)
4.Köhn - Bruce Willis is my hero, he keeps on saving the world
5.Tuk - German holidays
6.Nid & Sancy - Be yourself tonight
7.Vive La Fête - Hot Shot
8.Petersonic - Touch # 6
9.The Go Find - Modern times
10.Wixel - Your home is my last resort
11.Stijn - Wrong
12.Dijf Sanders - Spermatozoide
13.Eavesdropper - Col_110
14.Buscemi - Viaje Feliz (Radio version)
15.Briskey - Galactic Jack (edit)
16.Mascotte - Italodisco