Pawlowski, Trouvé & Ward

Type:split release
Performer(s):Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé, Craig Ward
Label(s):Jezus Factory Records
Label code:JF 004
Release date:02.07.2007
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Genre(s):Rock / Alternative
Language:English, Instrumental


1.Craig Ward - All is mask
2.Rudy Trouvé - Hey, are you looking for something?
3.Rudy Trouvé - 1000 Sleepless nights
4.Rudy Trouvé - Sometimes I hear voices
5.Rudy Trouvé - The God of small disasters
6.Rudy Trouvé - Dreams
7.Rudy Trouvé - Postcards
8.Rudy Trouvé - Logical order
9.Rudy Trouvé - Uncertainty
10.Rudy Trouvé - Seashore
11.Mauro Pawlowski - Laughing version
12.Mauro Pawlowski - Nudity
13.Mauro Pawlowski - Death, a physical disaster
14.Mauro Pawlowski - Come share my mood
15.Mauro Pawlowski - For those about to wait
16.Mauro Pawlowski - In the presence of something small
17.Mauro Pawlowski - Inside a diamond
18.Mauro Pawlowski - Necrowaves (chapters 5-8)
19.Mauro Pawlowski - Beautiful/Dysfunctional
20.Mauro Pawlowski - False insect II
21.Craig Ward - Attus Ksam Si Lla