Jazztublieft!Vol. 2

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
Label code:FMC 2007/03
Release date:08.2007
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RaadpleegbaarJazztublieft!! (download)


This compilation CD is being released to complement the second edition of the Flemish Jazz Meeting, an event designed to introduce jazz from Flanders to international jazz promoters. Beside information about the band the booklet also includes a "Flemish Jazz Directory".


1.Michel Bisceglia - Lorenz factor
2.Carlo Nardozza Quintet - Table for five
3.Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmundsson - Tokio Quantize (Edit)
4.Flat Earth Society - Edward, why don't you play some Blues
5.Franco Saint De Bakker - Foundation (Edit)
6.Moker - SOS
7.Tricycle - Silvana's dream
8.Ewout Pierreux Trio - You don't know what love is
9.Othin Spake - Tyr
10.Ben Sluijs Quartet - Set of intervals - Close (Live)
11.Mâäk's Spirit - Datta error 3
12.Narcissus Quartet - Aneris
13.Jef Neve Trio - Second love

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