To play, to dream, to drift: An anthology

Type:best of
Performer(s):Zita Swoon
Label(s):Chikaree Records
Label code:ZSANTHO 700 / BC 0615
Distributor:Bang! Music
Release date:16.11.2009
Present in Music centreja
Genre(s):pop, singersongwriter
Language:English, French, Instrumental


1-1.Moondog Jr. - TV Song
1-2.Moondog Jr. - Jintro & the great Luna (Band version)
1-3.Moondog Jr. - Ice guitars
1-4.Giving up the hero
1-5.She = like meeting Jesus
1-6.Our daily reminders
1-7.My bond with you and your planet: Disco!
1-8.Fun for free
1-9.Hot hotter hottest
1-10.People are like slamming doors (live at Jet Studio 2001)
1-11.Hey you, watshadoing?
1-12.Thinking about you all the time
1-14.I feel alive in the city
1-15.Quand même content
1-16.Disco! (Soulwax remix)
2-1.A Beatband - Babe I'll be sad when I see you again
2-2.A Beatband - Melinda's bleus
2-3.A Beatband - Hangover in the laundry
2-4.A Beatband - Spike Smiths' for all lost goods
2-5.A Beatband - Two horses Blues
2-6.A Beatband - Looking for a friend (Piano version)
2-7.A Beatband - A jugboy = lonely
2-8.Exit Loneville
2-10.Thinking about you all the time (Demo version)
2-11.Intrigue (Demo version)
2-12.Lonely place
2-13.Wake up for the trees