Composer(s),:Dirk Brossé
Performer(s):Derek Lee Ragin, Anne Cambier, Guy De Mey, Dirk Snellings, Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Vlaams Radio Orkest
Conductor(s):Dirk Brossé
Label(s):Maestro Music Productions
Label code:011
Release date:2000
Present in Music centreja
Genre(s):20ste eeuw


nr. 1 Ouverture
nr. 2 The workshop
nr. 3 The wheel of life
nr. 4 Madness and power
nr; 5 Amalgest
nr. 6 First indictment
nr. 7 Blasphemous pope song
nr. 8 The balance
nr. 9 Joan the mad's complaint
nr. 10 Second indictment
nr. 11 Mother and son
nr. 12 Gluttony
nr. 13 Mother song
nr. 14 Juanelo's compassion
nr. 15 Per me regnes regnant
nr. 16 Finale