Sances Giovanni Felice - Dulcis Amor iesu

Performer(s):Scherzi Musicali, Reinoud van Mechelen
Conductor(s):Nicolas Achten
Collaborators:Romina Lischka (basviool)
Label(s):Ricercar, Outhere Music Group
Label code:RIC 292
Distributor:AMG Records Benelux
Release date:02.2010
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Motetti a 1, 3, 4 & 4 voci


For this recording Scherzi Musicali have made an imaginative and varied choice of pieces from the first motet book. [] Ornamentation has been added convincingly and the ensemble is underpinned by a lavish continuo grouping of a kind that would have been available in some of the larger 17th century Italian urban churches. All in all this is a fine piece of advocacy for some surprisingly effective music by a little-known minor master.
(Iain Fenlon, Gramophone juni 2010, p. 85)

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