Club Sodade

Type:best of
Label(s):EMI Music Belgium, Prova Records
Label code:5099997566526
Release date:03.04.2013
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Genre(s):electronica, nu-jazz


1-1.La chatte (Ft. Daan)
1-2.Nite people (Ft. Assunta Mandaglio)
1-3.Sahib Balkan
1-4.Dipso Calypso (Ft. Lady Cath)
1-5.Bollywood swing king (Dark Deejayz Mix)
1-7.Buscemi, Michel Bisceglia ensemble - Nao Falo Portugues (Jazz Rework ft. Fay Lovsky)
1-8.It ain't right, no, no
1-9.Olenoko (Ft. Mr P)
1-10.Ramiro's theme
1-11.Obrigado! (Feat. Isabelle Antena)
1-12.Collapsing in an elegant way (Mama's Moonshine remix)
2-1.Viaje feliz
2-2.Welcome to the Mile High Club
2-3.Buscemi, Michel Bisceglia ensemble - Isolada do mundo (Jazz Rework)
2-4.Trepa! Trepa! (Ft. Joyce Muniz)
2-5.Free 4 so far (Ft. Joy Adegoke)
2-6.Nothing to worry about (Ft. Isabelle Antena)
2-7.Spooky samba
2-8.Buscemi, Michel Bisceglia ensemble - Gloomy business (Jazz Rework)
2-9.Mieke houdt u vast
2-10.Twisted lovers (Ft. Kyoko Baertsoen)
2-11.Angel of L.A.
2-12.Nightlife at 3:33
3-1.Buscemi, Michel Bisceglia ensemble - Hidden (Ft. Joy Adegoke)
3-2.Praia boogie
3-3.Midnight session
3-4.The Rodenburgs theme
3-5.Ghost track man (Feat. Ted Milton)
3-6.Yves Eaux
3-7.Calling all drama queens
3-8.Pop Machine - Che Calor (Buscemi remix)
3-9.Laïs - Dorothea (Buscemi remix)
3-10.aNoo - Sunday (Buscemi's remix)
3-11.Calexico - Crystal frontier (Buscemi's vocal mix)
3-12.Seaside (Feat. Isabelle Antena)
3-13.La chatte (Ft. Daan, original version)