Modus Operandi

Performer(s):Trio Dhoore
Label(s):Appel Rekords
Label code:APR 1346
Release date:08.2013
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2.Hot Kaspar / Chateau d'Ârs
3.De kollebloem / De yurt
4.Retour / Rebelle
5.Ons Sunny / De strakke koefer
6.Coffee break
7.Vanna Rühnu Kirik
9.DMG / Pater Lieven / Spring monday
10.Kefir / Late night
11.Castaar / Kamikaze
12.Voor Toon & Pascal / De Rode Melody


"The trio are three young and very talented Flemish brothers, Koen, Ward and Hartwin Dhoore. Investigating after listening to their album for a few times, it comes as no surprise that they are very popular playing for Balfolk dances as well as in concerts. All the compositions are by Hartwin and Ward and the inventive compositions call for great technical mastery of their instruments, and the fact that they each play more than one instrument helps to vary things and to compensate to a degree for the lack of vocals on the album. (...) The overall impression is that this is a mightily impressive, exhilirating debut album that is bound to gain them many admirers."
Vic Smith, fRoots 366, december 2013, p. 69