25 Years of New Beat

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):ARS Entertainment, Universal Music Belgium
Label code:3762760
Release date:11.11.2013
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Genre(s):new beat


1-1.101 - Rock to the beat
1-2.A Split Second - Flesh
1-3.Erotic Dissidents - Move your ass and feel the beat (Edit)
1-4.Taste of Sugar - Hmm Hmm
1-5.Lords of Acid - I sit on acid
1-6.Miss Nicky Trax - Acid in the house
1-7.Major Problem - Acid queen (Maxi versie)
1-8.Fatal Error - Fatal Error (Maxi version)
1-9.The B-sides - Compression
1-10.In-D - Virgin in D-Sky
1-11.Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco
1-12.Nux Nemo - Hiroshima
1-13.Space Opera - Mandate my ass
1-14.Bazz - The drop deal
1-15.Dr. Phibes - Acid story
1-16.Amnesia - Ibiza
2-1.Tragic Error - Tanzen
2-2.M.A.R.R.S. - Pump up the volume
2-3.S'express - Theme from S-Express
2-4.Inner city - Big fun
2-5.B-art - Baby wants to ride
2-6.Confetti's - The sound of C (single version)
2-7.Dirty Harry - D-Bop
2-8.Hithouse - Jack to the sound of the underground (Edit)
2-9.Technotronic - Pump up the jam
2-10.The Maxx - Cocaine
2-11.Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia
2-12.T99 - Anasthasia
2-13.Mixmasters - In the mix
2-14.Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance)
2-15.The Weathermen - Poison
2-16.Max Berlin - Elle et moi