Performer(s):Naragonia Quartet
Label(s):Appel Rekords
Label code:APR 1352
Release date:04.2014
Present in Music centreja
Genre(s):hedendaagse folk


1.Hellebore / Too late to sleep
2.Hélène / Muddy boots
3.Devote fishing / Fikkingale
4.Lilac / Dave the watchman
5.Nights in Trossin / Retour des hirondelles
6.Bieke's / Hitting the wall
7.The naked welcome / Chimneystork
8.Bilibocco / Happy rain
9.De vliegende koe / Blue boat
10.Zebra / Julian
11.Momento Pierrot
12.Gij met mij


"All the compositions are by the original duo with all but one having been written in popular dance tempos, waltz, polka, bourée, rondeau etc. (...) Toon certainly has a way with three-time and the two waltz tracks and the bourée a trois-temps stand out, particularly when there is interplay between the accordeon and the hurdy-gurdy. (...) A glance at their gig list shows a pretty full list of dates for the rest of this year within a sort of triangle created by France, Italy and Poland; hardly surprising when the musicianship is of the quality heard here."
Vic Smith, fRoots 373, July 2014, p. 71