Teenage boys

Format:Vinyl LP
Performer(s):Ignatz & de Stervende Honden
Label(s):Ultra Eczema
Label code:Ultra Eczema 169
Release date:24.05.2014
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Genre(s):free folk & underground


A1.I gotta pee
A2.Teenage boys
A3.Drinking tea and Bloody Marys
B1.Japan is romantic
B2.I need a good night's sleep


"Brussels based guitarist Bram Devens pushes his introspective psych-blues into another realm in this partnership with De Stervende Honden, the duo of bassist Tommy Denys and drummer Erik Heestermans. (...) ... Teenage Boys proves that with a group behind him, he's capable of tapping the same mainline once leeched off by the likes of Ash Ra Tempel and Les Rallizes Dénudés, his cosmic electric blues slack of jaw but finding a heady pwer through cracked soul and mantric repetitions. (...) This full group set-up, mind, can't wholly dispel his loner credentials: see the truly forlorn guitar soloing that weeps salty tears all over "Japan Is Romantic" before it dips for another lamenting verse."
Louis Pattison, The Wire 367, september 2014, p. 67