Berg - Zemlinsky, Lieder

Composer(s),:Alban Berg, Ferruccio Busoni, Alexander Zemlinsky, Anton Webern
Performer(s):Het Collectief, Katrien Baerts
Conductor(s):Reinbert de Leeuw
Label(s):Zig-Zag Territoires
Label code:ZZT345
Release date:07.2014
Present in Music centreja
Genre(s):20ste eeuw


Ferrucio Busoni: Berceuse Elégiaque op. 42 (arr. Schönberg)

Alban Berg: Sieben frühe Lieder op. 4 (arr. R. de Leeuw)

Anton Zemlinsky: Sechs Gesänge nach Maeterlinck op. 13

Anton Webern: passacaglia op. 1 (arr. Leeuw)


The concerts of the Society for Private Music Performances, run by Schoenberg and his pupils in Vienna between 1919 and 1921, is the starting point for this delicious collection, which is wonderfully presented by up-and-coming Dutch soprano Katrien Baerts with the Flemish ensemble Het Collectief, conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw. Many of the works performed by the society were given in chamber arrangements made by its members, and one of those, Schoenberg’s own version for string quintet, harmonium, piano flute and clarinet of Busoni’s Berceuse Elégiaque begins this sequence. De Leeuw contributes his own reductions of Berg’s Seven Early Songs, exquisitely sung by Baerts, and of Webern’s orchestral Passacaglia Op 1, but the highlight of the disc is Alexander von Zemlinsky’s Six Maeterlinck Songs, invested with a wonderful mix of mystery and allure by Baerts, with luminous rescorings shared between Erwin Stein, who worked with Schoenberg in Vienna, Leonard Stein, who assisted him in Los Angeles, and De Leeuw again.
(, Andrew Clements, 2 okt 2014)

4 stemvorkjes
Ces versions de chambre sonnent fort bien, en dépit de climax inévitablement maigrichons. Lignes minutieusement sculptées, clarté de la polyphonie, équilibre des timbres: l'ensemble bruxellois ne mérite que des éloges.
(Hélène Cao, Diapason nr. 629, november 2014, p. 114)