Flamundo!Vol. 5

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
Label code:FMC 2014
Release date:10.2014
Present in Music centreja


Flamundo! is a series of compilation cds distributed by Flanders Music Centre, presenting te finest world flavoured music made in Flanders. The fifth edition has been distributed at WOMEX 2014. For the occasion we asked producer Guy Morley from No Nation to make the selection. What you will hear sounds from roots to jazz: "This is ammunition to help you challenge assumptions about music from Flanders where the Flemish champion great musicianship alongside an alternative edge."


1.Schengen Shege - Kananga
2.Mamy Kanouté - Saya Mandi
3.El Juntacadáveres - Oktubre
4.Mâäk - Crystal tears (Ft. Ghalia Benali)
5.La Sieste du Dromadaire - Waltzing mafalda
6.Black Flower - I threw a lemon at that girl
7.MANdolinMAN - Rumba del Raval
8.Hijaz - Desert dancer
9.Askanyi - Xarnu bi
10.Safar Republique - Segou (Ft. Baba Sissoko)
11.Melike - Canlar canini buldum
12.Aurélia - Delie
13.Jawhar - Allemni
14.Jaune Toujours - Si j'etais toi
15.UTZ - O bichu preguiça
16.Bao Sissoko, Malick Pathé Sow - Fedde
17.Olla Vogala - Valse vigilante pour les annulaires qui disent non

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