Type:best of
Performer(s):Ferre Grignard
Label(s):Universal Music Belgium
Label code:060254702435
Release date:17.11.2013
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Genre(s):Blues & Roots


1-1.Drunken sailor (Edit)
1-2.Diggin' my potatoes
1-3.On the Bowery
1-4.Ring ring, I've got to sing
1-5.We want war
1-6.A worried man
1-7.Hash bamboo shuffle 1702
1-8.The zoo
1-9.My crucified Jesus
1-10.She's gone
1-12.Sexy Mary Brown
2-1.I won't have a dance
2-2.Tell me now
2-3.Yama, yama, hey
2-4.My friend
2-5.Hansie Pansy
2-6.Down in the Valley
2-7.The pirate song
2-8.Pleasure train
2-9.Captain Disaster
2-10.The lost affair
3-1.Fog trouble
3-2.I've gotta cheat ya baby
3-3.She's back
3-4.Cool it baby
3-5.Lazy John
3-6.Be my guest Lord
3-7.The Muze
3-8.Chully Chully Mr. Fries
4-1.I warned you
4-2.The new sherrif
4-3.All Right
4-4.Orphan Blues
4-5.Irene Goodnight
4-6.I'm Alabama Bound
4-7.Have a whiff on me
4-8.On my dying bed
4-9.Midnight Special
4-10.Smoozy punky baby
5-1.Intro Ferre
5-2.Ring, ring, I have to sing
5-4.In the evening (when the sun goes down)
5-6.Mornin' star
5-7.Alabamy bound (Live)
5-8.Drunken sailor (Live)
5-9.Cyrham Blues
5-10.I'm falling down
5-11.Yama hey
5-12.I warned you
5-13.When I'm gone
5-14.The first of the sick animals (on my dying bed)
5-15.Ring, ring, I've got to sing (Live)
5-16.God bless you