At the edge of the world / Empty mind I / Groove!

Composer(s),:Wim Henderickx
Performer(s):Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Conductor(s):Edo de Waart, Martyn Brabbins
Collaborators:Piet Van Bockstal (hobo), Pieterjan Vranckx (percussie)
Label(s):Royal Flemish Philharmonic
Label code:RFP 011
Release date:18.03.2016
Present in Music centreja
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags


Symphony No. 1, 'At the Edge of the World'
Oboe concerto, 'Empty Mind I' for oboe, orchestra and electronics
Groove! for percussion and orchestra
Empty Mind I for oboe and electronics


(...) "an excellent introduction to his music. His Symphony No 1 is an architectural tour de force, bursting into vibrant life before an explosive climax. The rhytmically propulsive 'Groove!', featuring the impressive Pieterjan Vranckx on percussion, is more direct but equally as effective. Powerful stuff."
Pwyll ap SiƓn, Gramophone, december 2016, p.27