TSOB (The Sound of Belgium) Vol.3

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):N.E.W.S., La Musique Fait La Force
Label code:LMFLF318CD
Release date:25.11.2016
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Genre(s):Dance & Electronica


1-1.Plastic Bertrand - Tout petit la planète
1-2.1000 Ohm - A.g.n.e.s.
1-3.The Honeymoon Killers - Décollage
1-4.Zwischenfall - Flucht
1-5.Noise Abroad - Vent that spleen
1-6.Front 242 - Quite unusual
1-7.The Weathermen - Poison
1-8.Zinno - What's your name
1-9.Telex - The Voice
1-10.Chayell - Beach
1-11.Antena - Camino del sol
1-12.Dan Lacksman - Skylab
1-13.Chris Craft - Discosmic sinfonia
1-14.Waylon - Crème de la crème
2-1.Public Relation - Eighty eight
2-2.PLB System - Acid river
2-3.Periclis - Fly woman
2-4.Acts of Madmen - The dream
2-5.The Maxx - Cocaine
2-6.101 - Rock to the beat
2-7.Twice Of Love - The birth
2-8.Major Problem - Acid queen
2-9.Spock Jr. - Ion (Boccacio edit)
2-10.Zerocks - You too
2-11.Sister Movie - Hold me
2-12.P.J.istes - Confocation
2-13.Zsa Zsa Laboum - Tu veux ou tu veux pas
2-14.Digital Vamp - You can take my body (Vamp Dance mix)
2-15.2 Body's - Astoria
2-16.Technotronic - Pump up the jam (Red Zone mix)
3-1.The Project - Do that dance
3-2.Frank De Wulf - The Tape (Remix)
3-3.Channel x - Rave the rhythm
3-4.Pleasure Game - Le dormeur (Paradox mix)
3-5.Aquastep - Oempa Loempa
3-6.Phantasia - Inner light (French version)
3-7.Bazz - House of Pax
3-8.Plexus - Cactus rhythm (Mike Ferlin mix)
3-9.Kate B. - Free
3-10.Human Resource - Dominator (Frank De Wulf Remix)
3-11.Ravesignal - Horsepower
3-12.Test - Overdub (New concept)
3-13.Jambo! - Drumattack
3-14.Mappa Mundi - Trance fusion
4-1.U.N.A. - Can you hear me
4-2.Dream Concept - Shy kid (In rhythm mix)
4-3.V-Tracks - Heretic voices
4-4.Jeannot - Astrology
4-5.Dave Swayze - Goldwave (24K)
4-6.Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance
4-7.Danny Casseau - Gravity
4-8.Dj Marco Bailey - Scorpia
4-9.CJ Bolland - The Prophet
4-10.Yves Deruyter - Back to Earth (Rave mix)
4-11.T-Quest - Upiter
4-12.The Amazing - Qu'est-ce que vous voulez?