Callboys, de soundtrack

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):N.E.W.S., 541
Label code:541416508081
Release date:14.10.2016
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Genre(s):filmmuziek, soul & funk


1.Placebo - Balek
2.Callboys Orchestra - Shades
3.Leo Cavallo - Smoke
4.Callboys Orchestra - Liberty
5.Chocolat's - El caravanero
6.Callboys Orchestra - Rhythmdrone
7.Callboys Orchestra - Delay the lama
8.Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra - Librium
9.Callboys Orchestra - Airbed
10.Plus - Put everything together
11.Callboys Orchestra - Slow Italian
12.Callboys Orchestra - Soft ball
13.André Brasseur - Saturnus (Single version)
14.Callboys Orchestra - Vanitis
15.Chicken Curry and his Pop Percussion Orchestra - The snake
16.Callboys Orchestra - Fonda
17.Callboys Orchestra - Cloners
18.Chakachas - Stories
19.Callboys Orchestra - Muscles from B
20.Callboys Orchestra - Leave
21.Callboys Orchestra - My ash
22.René Costy - Scrabble
23.Kjetl Benson - Callboys blues