Eigen Kweek - 30 jaar Studio BrusselDeluxe editie

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):EMI Music Belgium
Label code:9289072
Release date:01.04.2013
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Genre(s):Rock / Alternative, Pop / Rock
Language:French, Dutch, English


1-1.Balthazar - The oldest of sisters
1-2.Daan - Icon
1-3.Triggerfinger - I follow rivers (Live@Giel!)
1-4.Zornik - Scared of yourself
1-5.A Brand - Hammerhead
1-6.Fixkes - Kvraagetaan
1-7.Absynthe Minded - Envoi
1-8.Magnus - Summer's here (radio edit)
1-9.Arno - Forget the cold sweat
1-10.Gabriel Rios - Broad daylight
1-11.Buscemi - Ramiro's theme
1-12.Coely - Ain't chasing pavements
1-13.Starflam - La sonora
1-14.Amatorski - Come home
1-15.An Pierlé - Are friends electric (Live)
1-16.Tom Helsen & Geike Arnaert - Home
1-17.Novastar - Because
1-18.K's Choice - Not an addict
1-19.Channel Zero - Help
1-20.Clement Peerens Explosition - Vindegij mijn gat (ni te dik in deze rok)
2-1.dEUS - Suds & Soda (Edit)
2-2.Customs - Rex
2-3.Das Pop - You
2-4.Intergalactic Lovers - Delay
2-5.The Van Jets - Danger zone
2-6.Mintzkov - Opening fire
2-7.SX - Gold
2-8.The Neon Judgement - TV Treated
2-9.Zita Swoon - Disco! (Radio version)
2-10.TC Matic - Elle adore le noir (pour sortir le soir)
2-11.The Bony King of Nowhere - The sunset
2-12.Millionaire - Ballad of pure thought
2-13.Marco Z - I'm a bird
2-14.The Me In You - Girl in armour
2-15.Bernthöler - My suitor
2-16.Sweet coffee - My moon
2-17.The Subs - The face of the planet
2-18.2 Belgen - Lena
2-19.Motek - Tryer
2-20.Headphone - Ghostwriter
3-1.Hooverphonic - The night before
3-2.Gorky - Mia
3-3.The Black Box Revelation - Never alone, always together (2008 version)
3-4.dEUS - Quatre mains
3-5.Geppetto & The Whales - Duquesne's horse
3-6.Ozark Henry - This one's for you (Radio edit)
3-7.The Scabs - Crystal eyes
3-8.Superdiesel - Ticket naar de zon
3-9.Luc Van Acker - Zanna
3-10.Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven - I don't wanna dance
3-11.Vaya Con Dios - Just a friend of mine
3-12.Sioen - Cruisin'
3-13.Moondog Jr. - TV Song
3-14.Admiral Freebee - Einstein brain
3-15.Hugo Matthysen - Blankenberge
3-16.Stash - Sadness
3-17.De Mens - Dit is mijn huis
3-18.Satellite City - Friend
3-19.Jasper Erkens - Waiting like a dog
3-20.Pas De Deux - Rendez-vous
4-1.Netsky - Give & take
4-2.Stromae - Alors on danse
4-3.Schmutz - Love games
4-4.Evil Superstars - It's a sad sad planet
4-5.Noordkaap - Arme Joe
4-6.Raymond van het Groenewoud & Zijn Vlaamse Mustafa's - Liefde voor muziek
4-7.Soapstone - Why should we wait (Edit)
4-8.Triggerfinger - All this dancin' around
4-9.Goose - Synrise
4-10.School is Cool - The world is gonna end tonight
4-11.'t Hof van Commerce - Stuntmann
4-12.Sir Yes Sir - Longing = Good taste
4-13.Arbeid Adelt! - Nergens heen
4-14.The Wolf Banes - Miles away from here
4-15.Broken glass heroes - Baby don't worry
4-16.Marble sounds - Sky high
4-17.The Boerenzonen op Speed - Vliegtuig (Ik ga u komen halen)
4-18.Wizards of Ooze - Trippin'
4-19.Stijn - Sexjunkie
4-20.Arsenal - Estupendo (Edit)
5-1.Milow - Ayo technology
5-2.Arid - Broken dancer
5-3.Praga Khan - Breakfast in Vegas (Radio version)
5-4.Shameboy - Rechoque (Radio edit)
5-5.De Kreuners - Kom terug, ik mis je (Edit)
5-6.Running Cow - Gasoline on fire
5-7.Dirk Blanchart - I don't mind (if the sputnik lands) (Single version)
5-8.Ashbury Faith - Feverjam
5-9.Flip Kowlier - De grotste lul van 't stad
5-10.Front 242 - No Shuffle
5-11.Eden - My boat
5-12.Isbells - As long as it takes
5-13.Venus in Flames - Hanging on
5-14.Technotronic - Pump up the jam
5-15.Nacht und Nebel - Beats of love (Original version)
5-16.Lemon - Stay with me
5-17.Mint - Your shopping lists are poetry
5-18.Bodyspasm - Twenty radios
5-19.Vive La Fête - Touche pas
5-20.Erotic Dissidents - Move your ass and feel the beat (7" version)
6-1.Admiral Freebee - Oh darkness
6-2.Customs - Justine
6-3.The Neon Judgement - Miss Brown
6-4.Arsenal - Melvin (Single edit)
6-5.Das Pop - The game
6-6.Teddiedrum - Miami
6-7.Zornik - The backseat
6-8.Dead Man Ray - Chemical
6-9.Arid - Me and my melody
6-10.Elisa Waut - Four times more
6-11.Superlijm - Michael Jordan
6-12.Tom Helsen - Sun in her eyes
6-13.Milow - You don't know (Single version)
6-14.Jasper Erkens - Crazy
6-15.Jim Cole - Things
6-16.Lazy Jay - Float my boat (Edit)
6-17.Aeroplane - We can't fly
6-18.Catalog of Cool - Restless
6-19.Blue Blot - Bridge to your heart
6-20.Hoover - 2 Wicky
7-1.Ozark Henry - Rescue
7-2.Absynthe Minded - My heroics, part one
7-3.Novastar - The best is yet to come
7-4.Zita Swoon - Thinking about you all the time (Radio edit)
7-5.Arno - Dancing inside my head
7-6.Sexmachines - On stage
7-7.YUM - Dreaming in colour
7-8.Montevideo - Fate & glory (Ft. Lara Chedraoui)
7-9.Sven Van Hees - What do you see? (Single version)
7-10.Sweet coffee - Lost in tears
7-11.Hooverphonic - Mad about you
7-12.Latchak Feat. Sunzoo Manley - If this is love (Original short)
7-13.Ultrasonic - Lips they move (Radio edit)
7-14.Delavega - Surely
7-15.The Sands - April & June
7-16.Won Ton Ton - I lie and I cheat
7-17.Jo Lemaire - Captive et innocente
7-18.Luc Van Acker - The ship
7-19.Poésie Noire - The Gioconda Smile
7-20.dEUS - The architect
8-1.Noordkaap - Druk in Leuven (Single edit)
8-2.The Van Jets - The future
8-3.Metal Molly - Orange
8-4.A Brand - Beauty booty killerqueen
8-5.TC Matic - If you wanna dance, dance, if you don't, don't
8-6.Soulwax - Too Many DJ's (New version)
8-7.Mad Dog Loose - Shiny side (4-track version)
8-8.School is Cool - New kids in town
8-9.The Black Box Revelation - High on a wire
8-10.Vive La Fête - Hot Shot
8-11.The Scabs - Matchbox car
8-12.Praga Khan - Tausend sterne
8-13.Daan - Housewife
8-14.Sarah Bettens - Not insane
8-15.De Mens - Irene
8-16.Soulsister - The way to your heart (Single version)
8-17.The Radios - Gimme love (Live)
8-18.Dirk Blanchart - Building an empire
8-19.Camden - Black paper black ink
8-20.Gorky - Lieve kleine piranha
9-1.'t Hof van Commerce - Dommestik en Leverancier (Single versie)
9-2.Pornorama - Boom Boom
9-3.Volt - Train to interzone
9-4.Balthazar - I'll stay here
9-5.Pieter-Jan de Smet - August
9-6.Ozark Henry - Sweet instigator
9-7.Jerboa - Number 1
9-8.Rumplestitchkin - Honey's dull
9-9.CJ Bolland - Sugar is sweeter (Radio Edit)
9-10.Safi & Spreej - Herinner mij
9-11.Cinérex - Heavenly
9-12.Tourist LeMC - Liefde liefde
9-13.Flip Kowlier - Min moaten
9-14.Admiral Freebee - Always on the run
9-15.ABN - Algemeen beskaafd Nederlanz
9-16.Team William - Wonderyear III
9-17.Freaky Age - Where do we go now
9-18.Steak Number Eight - The calling
9-19.Sint-Andries MC's - Represent 2000 Antwaarpe
9-20.Krewcial - Devoted
10-1.Soulwax - Caramel (Album edit)
10-2.The Hickey Underworld - Future words
10-3.Goose - Words
10-4.Front 242 - Headhunter
10-5.Kapitan Korsakov - When we were hookers
10-6.Belgian Asociality - Morregen
10-7.Janez Detd - Lisa (She's a herpie)
10-8.Funeral Dress - Party on
10-9.The Sore Losers - Beyond repair
10-10.Monza - Dood aan alle meisjes
10-11.The Galacticos - Humble crumble
10-12.Party Harders, The Subs - The pope of dope (Radio edit)
10-13.Skyblasters - Trip into the past
10-14.Clement Peerens Explosition - Dikke Lu
10-15.The Choice - The ballad of Lea and Paul
10-16.Betty Goes Green - Cold by the sea
10-17.Das Pop - Wings
10-18.Lords of Acid - I sit on acid 2000
10-19.Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco
10-20.Samantha Fu - Theme from Discotheque