The nearness of you

Type:best of
Performer(s):Toots Thielemans
Label(s):Universal Music Belgium
Label code:537.918-3
Release date:15.09.2017
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1-1.Jack Sels Sextet - Rosetta
1-2.Don't be that way
1-3.The nearness of you
1-4.Soul station
1-5.Strutting with some barbecue
1-7.Autumn leaves
1-8.Ne me quitte pas (Do not leave me)
1-9.Felicia and Bianca
1-11.John Barry, Toots Thielemans - Midnight cowboy
1-12.Round midnight - Good evening Thelonious
1-13.Bag's Groove
1-14.In walked Bud
1-16.The Shirley Horn Trio, Toots Thielemans - For my lady
1-17.What a wonderful world
2-2.Bill Evans, Toots Thielemans - Body and soul
2-3.Stephane Grappelli, Toots Thielemans - Georgia on my mind
2-4.The George Shearing Quintet - Little Niles
2-5.The George Shearing Quintet - Little white lies
2-6.Martial Solal, Toots Thielemans - Erato Blues
2-7.Kenny Werner, Toots Thielemans - The Dolphin
2-8.Jaco Pastorius - 3 Views of a secret
2-9.Paul Simon - Night game
2-10.Elis Regina, Toots Thielemans - Wave
2-11.Åke Johansson trio - Lament
2-12.Joe Lovano - Infant eyes
2-13.Shirley Horn - Beautiful love
2-14.Between the Devil and the deep blue sea (With Madeleine Peyroux)
3-1.The Mooche (Live at Jazz Middelheim 1976)
3-2.Round about midnight (Live at Jazz Middelheim 1993)
3-3.Toots Thielemans, The Brad Mehldau Trio - Sno' peas (Live at Jazz Middelheim 1996)
3-4.Toots Thielemans, The Brad Mehldau Trio - Lazy afternoon (Live at Jazz Middelheim 1996)
3-5.Toots Thielemans, The Bill Carrothers Trio - There is no greater love (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2001)
3-6.Toots Thielemans, Brussels Jazz Orchestra - For my lady (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2001)
3-7.Toots Thielemans, Brussels Jazz Orchestra - That old black magic (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2001)
3-8.Toots Thielemans, Brussels Jazz Orchestra - Bluesette (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2001)
3-9.One note samba (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2003)
3-10.Time remembered / Very early (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2008)
3-11.Dat mistige rooie beest (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2013)
3-12.Ne me quitte pas (Live at Jazz Middelheim 2009)