Belpop 100

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Universal Music Belgium
Label code:538.095-9
Release date:01.12.2017
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Genre(s):Pop / Rock, Rock / Alternative, Chanson & Nederlandstalige pop


1-1.dEUS - Instant street
1-2.Stromae - Formidable
1-3.Admiral Freebee - Rags'n'run
1-4.Toy - Suspicion (Single version)
1-5.Luc Van Acker - Zanna
1-6.Triggerfinger - I follow rivers (Live@Giel!)
1-7.Oscar & The Wolf - Strange entity
1-8.Schmutz - Love games
1-9.Daan - Exes
1-10.The Scabs - Hard times
1-11.Jacques Brel - Le plat pays
1-12.Het Zesde Metaal - Gie, den otto en ik
1-13.Blue Blot - Who is he and what is he to you
1-14.Wizards of Ooze - Trippin'
1-15.Elisa Waut - Four times more
1-16.Isbells - As long as it takes
1-17.Dez Mona - Suspicion
1-18.Soft Verdict - Close cover
1-19.Gabriel Rios - Gold
2-1.Red Zebra - I can't live in a living room
2-2.The Kids - There will be no next time
2-3.Monza - Van God los
2-4.Marble sounds - Leave a light on
2-5.Trixie Whitley - Breathe you in my dreams
2-6.Ozark Henry - Sweet instigator
2-7.Wim De Craene - Tim
2-8.Intergalactic Lovers - Delay
2-9.Technotronic - Pump up the jam
2-10.André Brasseur - Early bird satellite
2-11.Telex - Moskow Diskow
2-12.Balthazar - Then what
2-13.Moondog Jr. - TV Song
2-14.Tourist LeMC - En route
2-15.Chakachas - Jungle fever
2-16.The Sands - April & June
2-17.The Van Jets - Two tides of ice
2-18.Toots Thielemans - Bluesette
2-19.Jasper Steverlinck - Life on Mars
3-1.Absynthe Minded - Envoi
3-2.Bazart - Goud
3-3.The Pebbles - Seven horses in the sky
3-4.Sioen - Cruisin'
3-5.Scooter - You
3-6.De Mens - Irene
3-7.The Wolf Banes - As the bottle runs dry
3-8.dEUS - Hotellounge
3-9.Noordkaap - Satelliet Suzy
3-10.Bernthöler - My suitor
3-11.Lost Frequencies - Are you with me (Radio edit)
3-12.Zita Swoon - Disco! (Radio version)
3-13.Lio - Amoureux solitaires
3-14.SX - Black video
3-15.Pieter Embrechts - Zomernachten
3-16.Jo Lemaire + Flouze - Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais
3-17.Ertebrekers - De zji
3-18.Django Reinhardt - Nuages
3-19.Fixkes - Kvraagetaan
4-1.The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band - If I needed you
4-2.The Wallace Collection - Daydream
4-3.Kommil Foo - Ruimtevaarder
4-4.Gabriel Rios - Broad daylight
4-5.Won Ton Ton - I lie and I cheat
4-6.Arsenal - Saudade (Pt.2)
4-7.Melanie De Biasio - The flow
4-8.Goose - Synrise
4-9.Daan - Icon
4-10.Jess & James and the J.J. Band - Move
4-11.Flip Kowlier - Welgemeende
4-12.Pas De Deux - Rendez-vous
4-13.Lavvi Ebbel - Victoria
4-14.School is Cool - The world is gonna end tonight
4-15.Salvatore Adamo - Inch'Allah
4-16.Het Zesde Metaal - Naar de wuppe
4-17.Anton Walgrave - Lost soul
4-18.Amatorski - Come home
4-19.The Radios - She goes nana
5-1.Tourist LeMC - Horizon (Met Wally)
5-2.Hooverphonic - Eden
5-3.Luna Twist - African time (7'' versie)
5-4.TC Matic - Elle adore le noir (pour sortir le soir)
5-5.The Choice - The ballad of Lea and Paul
5-6.Yevgueni - Als ze lacht (Edit)
5-7.Vaya Con Dios - What's a woman?
5-8.Raymond van het Groenewoud & The Centimeters - Je veux de l'amour
5-9.Milow - You don't know (Single version)
5-10.Coely - Don't care (Ft. Dvtch Norris)
5-11.Warhaus - The good lie
5-12.Camden - Black paper black ink
5-13.Evil Superstars - It's a sad sad planet
5-14.Arbeid Adelt! - De dag dat het zonlicht niet meer scheen
5-15.The Scabs - Matchbox car
5-16.Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven - I don't wanna dance
5-17.The Black Box Revelation - Never alone, always together (2008 version)
5-18.Tamino - Habibi
5-19.Stash - Sadness