Belgian New Beat - The Compilation

Performer(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label code:541738CD
Release date:16.03.2018
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Genre(s):new beat


1-1.Beat-A-Max - Caravan
1-2.In-D - Virgin in-D Sky's (Special Adventure mix @ 33RPM+8)
1-3.Inouï - Externia
1-4.Boytronic - Bryllyant (@ 33RPM+8)
1-5.White House White - Oddball Harry
1-6.Body Count - Trax (Instrumental)
1-7.Shriekback - Into method (Planet mix)
1-8.The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give your self to me
1-9.Major Problem - Acid Queen (Dirty version)
1-10.Spiritual Sky - Sky my house band (Écoutez et répétez)
1-11.Dr. Phibes - Acid Story (Original radio edit)
1-12.Corruption House - Jump (Special mix)
1-13.Acid Aliens - Balearic
1-14.L&O - Even now (Album mix)
2-1.BPM AM - Come to me (Vocal version)
2-2.A Split Second - Flesh (@ 33RPM+8)
2-3.Acts of Madmen - The dream
2-4.House Boys - Touch my lips (Instrumental)
2-5.Amnesia - Hysteria (Defcon mix)
2-6.Erotic Dissidents - Move your ass and feel the beat (Instrumental)
2-7.Ugly Mood - Tuning off
2-8.Philadelphia Five - Bongawalk (Mix II @ 33RPM+8)
2-9.Belgavox - Wise crack (Oh mon amour) (Garage mix)
2-10.T-R-P - This is the place (Dance mix)
2-11.Nasty Thoughts - Acid sex (Acid version)
2-12.Ghostdance - Ghostbeat (New Beat mix)
2-13.Fatal Error - Fatal Error (Maxi version)
2-14.Zerocks - You too (Bonzo mix)
3-1.Logic System - Unit
3-2.Twice Of Love - The birth
3-3.Nitzer Ebb - Let your body learn (Instrumental)
3-4.La Rolls - Fool moon roolz (Dub Yours)
3-5.Space Opera - Mandate my ass (New Beat mix)
3-6.Hypnosys - Time to the beat
3-7.No Excuse - X-Sample (Beat Conduct)
3-8.Reese & Santonio - Rock to the beat
3-9.Eleanor Academia - Adventure (Bonus Beats)
3-10.Actual Guy - Acid emotion (European Acid mix)
3-11.Channel 5 - This is a test
3-12.Neon - No limit (Relax your body accapella perc. mix)
3-13.Pn'p - Poison (Ft. Janet Weis, Extended mix)
3-14.Jarvic 7 - The fire brigade
4-1.He Said - Pump
4-2.Shock Taktix - This is not jazz
4-3.Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance)
4-4.16 Bit - Where are you? (Instrumental)
4-5.Chrismar Chayell - Don't even think about it
4-6.Iconoclass - Tenebra
4-7.Marcus 7 - Whiskey track
4-8.Shakti - The awakening
4-9.Chico Crew - Acid pages (Church mix)
4-10.Acid Commando - Acid generation (Bonus Beats)
4-11.Spectrum - Total recall (New Beat mix)
4-12.Casa Nostra - Insomnia (Sunday Night mix)
4-13.D.I.Y. - U don't have 2 worry
4-14.Edwards & Armani - Sex (Acid Sex mix)