Performer(s):Paul Michiels
Label(s):CNR Records Belgium, CNR Legends
Label code:AL 306765
Release date:25.05.2018
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Genre(s):Pop / Rock


1-2.Come on home (with me)
1-3.Big heart, no hope
1-4.The city
1-5.The milkman's son song
1-6.Slow down
1-7.Love you like I do
1-8.Don't hide from that rain
1-9.Here's to life
2-1.P.P. Michiels - Feel right
2-2.Chains of love
2-4.Downtown (Ft. Natalia)
2-5.Let me be turned to stone
2-6.Sail back home
2-7.Octopus - All alone
2-8.Hitching on a highway
2-9.Forever young
2-11.Love bird in jail
2-12.It might be rain (Live @Radio 1, ft. Jeroen D'hoe & Philip Catherine)
2-13.Ruby Tuesday (Live @Radio 1 Sessies)
2-14.Lady Linn, Paul Michiels - This masquerade (Radio 1 Sessies 2010)
2-15.Mercedes Benz (Live with The Big M's)
2-16.I am home (Live @Radio 1, ft. Jeroen D'hoe & Philip Catherine)
2-17.Wiels & co - De roos (met Paul Michiels)
3-1.Magic in the house
3-2.One day at a time
3-3.The inner child
3-4.No rewind
3-5.Perfect handy loving man
3-6.C'mon everybody (Live @Radio 1 Sessies)
3-7.The light
3-8.Aan het strand van Oostende
3-9.Time after time
3-10.Eloise (Live @Paal)
3-11.P.P. Michiels - Females
3-12.You don't know me
3-13.Barbara Dex, Paul Michiels - Leaving this town
3-14.Jeroen D'hoe, Paul Michiels - Marilena
3-15.Fly alone
3-16.Unspoken love


"De eigen songs zijn Michiels zoals we ’m kennen: soulvol, aanstekelijk, glashelder gezongen. Soms niet onuitwisbaar, maar altijd boven de middelmaat." (...) "ouwe Paul is de beste soulstem van het land." (***)
Dennis Van Goethem, Het Nieuwsblad, 16.05.2018, p.20