Nino Rota - Works for harp

Composer(s),:Nino Rota
Performer(s):Anneleen Lenaerts, Brussels Philharmonic
Collaborators:Anneleen Lenaerts (harp), Emmanuel Pahud (fluit)
Label(s):Warner Classics, Warner Music Benelux
Label code:0190295514716
Release date:29.03.2019
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Genre(s):20ste eeuw


Nino Rota
1-3. Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
4-6. Sonata for Flute and Harp
7-8. Sarabanda e Toccata
9. The Godfather - suite
10. Death on the Nile - Nile Journey
11. La Dolce Vita - Suite
12. Romeo and Juliet - Love theme
13. The taming of the Shrew - Overture