Prometheus Ensemble

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal)
1992 - 19.12.2009
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw
Actual/previous members:Bart Cypers
Guest members:Tony Nys


The Prometheus Ensemble was founded in 1993 by conductor Etienne Siebens. It consisted of 15 instrumental soloists, each of whom was at the forefront of the Belgian classical music scene. The excellence of the performers and quality of their performances, along with the diversity in programming and often-daring combinations of familiar and lesser-known music, has given the ensemble its reputation.

Prometheus ensemble was the first ensemble in Belgium to produce well-thought-out programmes, combining the classical and the contemporary languages. Their main focus was music from the first half of the 20th century but it also worked on projects bringing together diverse art forms. Among these several musical theatre productions and the acclaimed opera “The woman who walked into doors” by Kris Defoort. The Prometheus Ensemble has been in residence in arts centre Flagey, Brussels.

It played its last concerto on 19.12.2009

Selective discography

Kris Defoort - The woman who walked into doorsKris Defoort - The woman who walked into doors (2010)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Claron McFadden, Jacqueline Blom, Kris Defoort & Dreamtime, Prometheus Ensemble, Kris Defoort, Etienne Siebens
Janácek Leos - RecollectionsJanácek Leos - Recollections (2008)
20th century
Jan Michiels, Prometheus Ensemble, Geert De Bièvre, Leos Janácek
Amerikaanse meesterwerken uit de 20ste eeuwAmerikaanse meesterwerken uit de 20ste eeuw (2006)
20th century
Prometheus Ensemble, Charles E. Ives, George Crumb
Schönberg Arnold - Verklärte NachtSchönberg Arnold - Verklärte Nacht (2004)
20th century
Prometheus Ensemble, Arnold Schönberg
Sofia GoubaïdoulinaSofia Goubaïdoulina (2003)
Prometheus Ensemble
Kamermuziek uit Vlaanderen 2003Kamermuziek uit Vlaanderen 2003 (2003)
20th century, romanticism, classicism
I SOLISTI, Spiegel Strijkkwartet, Narziss und Goldmund Pianotrio, High Voltage, Prometheus Ensemble, Oxalys, Quatuor Danel , Black Jackets Company (...)
Vierkant Muziek - 2002Vierkant Muziek - 2002 (2002)
Jazz, classical
Beethoven Academie, Pianoduo Kolacny, LOD, BL!NDMAN Collective, Prometheus Ensemble, Ben Sluijs Quartet, Erik Vermeulen Trio, Collegium Vocale Gent (...)
Vierkant Muziek - 2001Vierkant Muziek - 2001 (2001)
Greetings from Mercury, Boenox, Flat Earth Society, Oxalys, Prometheus Ensemble, BL!NDMAN Collective, LOD, Spiegel Strijkkwartet (...)
Goeyvaerts Karel - amor[t]Goeyvaerts Karel - amor[t] (2000)
20th century
Jan Michiels, Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Prometheus Ensemble, Vlaams Radio Orkest, ChampdAction, Ilse Duyck, Koen Kessels, Jan Michiels (...)
Hendrickx Wim - Triumph of Spirit over MatterHendrickx Wim - Triumph of Spirit over Matter (2000)
21st century / contemporary
Etienne Siebens, Prometheus Ensemble

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