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Genre(s):Klassiek, 20ste eeuw, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags


A Flemish government institution, the Royal Flemish Philharmonic brings the main orchestral repertoire to local and international concert halls. It occupies a unique position in the Flemish cultural landscape and reaches a number of target groups with productions that fit in the contemporary audience experience.

The orchestra has grown into an enthusiastic and dynamic quality ensemble that cherishes the classical masterpieces. This way the Royal Flemish Philharmonic is a symbol of the Flemish cultural policy. The orchestra attaches great value to its role within the community. It aims to be an institution that presents, produces and opens up the crucial orchestral repertoire to large audiences as well as specific target groups.

The Royal Flemish Philharmonic applies itself to the main orchestral repertoire of the past and the present. Every season, the Philharmonic attracts internationally renowned soloists and famous conductors as well as upcoming homegrown talent that wants to enter the international playing field. Chief Conductor Jaap van Zweden and Principal Conductor Philippe Herreweghe guarantee that the Philharmonic continually improves itself artistically. From september 2011 conductor Edo De Waart take over as chief conductor.

Selective discography

The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys MusicThe Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music (2022)
Pop / Rock, 20th century
deFilharmonie, The Beach Boys, Alexandra Arrieche, Roeland Jacobs
The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys MusicThe Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music (2022)
20th century, Pop / Rock
deFilharmonie, The Beach Boys, Alexandra Arrieche, Roeland Jacobs
Kalevi Aho - Double and Triple ConcertosKalevi Aho - Double and Triple Concertos (2021)
21st century / contemporary
Anneleen Lenaerts, Kalevi Aho, Olari Elts, Dimitri Mestdag, deFilharmonie
Marcel Poot - Symphonies 1-7Marcel Poot - Symphonies 1-7 (2021)
20th century
deFilharmonie, Marcel Poot, Léonce Gras, BRTN Filharmonisch Orkest, Hans Rotman, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Frédéric Devreese, Omroeporkest N.I.R. (...)
Christian Lindberg - 2017Christian Lindberg - 2017 (2020)
21st century / contemporary
deFilharmonie, Christian Lindberg, Christian Lindberg
Schumann: Symphonies nos. 2 & 4Schumann: Symphonies nos. 2 & 4 (2019)
deFilharmonie, Robert Schumann, Philippe Herreweghe
Kalevi Aho: Trombone & Trumpet concertosKalevi Aho: Trombone & Trumpet concertos (2018)
21st century / contemporary
deFilharmonie, Kalevi Aho, Martyn Brabbins
Dvořák / Suk - Violin concerto / Fantasy & love songDvořák / Suk - Violin concerto / Fantasy & love song (2018)
deFilharmonie, Antonín Dvořák, Alan Buribayev, Josef Suk, Eldbjørg Hemsing
Stenhammar - Symphony No.2, Music to 'Ett Drömspel'Stenhammar - Symphony No.2, Music to 'Ett Drömspel' (2018)
romanticism, 20th century
deFilharmonie, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Christian Lindberg
Benoit - Religious tetralogy / Religieuze quadrologieBenoit - Religious tetralogy / Religieuze quadrologie (2018)
deFilharmonie, Peter Benoit, Martyn Brabbins, Jan Willem de Vriend, Edo de Waart

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

LibraLibra (2011)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Wilfried Westerlinck, Frédéric Devreese, Alvaro Casuto, Rudolf Werthen

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