't Kliekske

Category:groep / artiest
Genre(s):traditionele folk
Actual/previous members:Herman Dewit, Rosita Tahon, Oswald Tahon, Wilfrid Moonen

Short description

Traditional Flemish folkmusic.


In 1968 four young people travelled through Flanders, visiting older people, driven by a fascination for the songs and dances of our tradition -- folk song, melodies, dances and instruments were collected. The foursome didn't stop at collecting alone: 't Kliekske ("the bunch") brings different thematic acts on stage and the group gets its inspiration out of that rich tradition.

Selective discography

Schoon liefSchoon lief (2003)
't Kliekske
Musica ReservataMusica Reservata (2002)
Baroque, classicism, 20th century, choir music, early music, romanticism
anoniem, Paul Dombrecht, Psallentes, Josquin Desprez, Capilla Flamenca, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa, Bart Jacobs, Koen Van Assche (...)
't Is met dees koude winterse dagen't Is met dees koude winterse dagen (2000)
't Kliekske

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