Wannes Van de Velde

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Category:groep / artiest, muzikant
Antwerpen, 29.04.1937 - Antwerpen, 10.11.2008
Genre(s):traditionele folk, kleinkunst, singersongwriter
Instrument(s):zang, akoestische gitaar
Actual/previous member of:Groep Wannes Van De Velde

Short description

Wannes (Wim) Van de Velde (71) was the son of folk singer Jaak Van de Velde. He grew up in Antwerp’s red light district. He studied visual arts, but was enraptured by music at a very young age. He was particularly enamoured by Flemish folk songs and flamenco and sang in his own dialect on his first record. In the seventies, he was also part of the Antwerp theatre scene, but music remained the main crux throughout his life. He released fourteen albums, the last being ‘In de maat van de seizoenen’, released in 2006. The singer also read a lot and published a number of books containing his thoughts. He also taught at the theatre school, Studio Herman Teirlinck. According to many critics, Wannes Van de Velde is one of the most important post-war singers in Flanders. His uncompromising and eclectic approach pointed to the importance of heritage and the necessity of individuality.

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Selective discography

IntegraalIntegraal (2015)
Folk, Dutch folk & chanson
Wannes Van de Velde
Live (4cd+dvd)Live (4cd+dvd) (2011)
Dutch folk & chanson, Folk
Wannes Van de Velde
WannesWannes (2009)
Dutch folk & chanson, Folk, chanson
Wannes Van de Velde
Wannes: Het besteWannes: Het beste (2008)
Dutch folk & chanson
Wannes Van de Velde
In de maat van de seizoenenIn de maat van de seizoenen (2006)
Dutch folk & chanson, chanson
Wannes Van de Velde
Water & Wijn - Wannes Van de Velde en vriendenWater & Wijn - Wannes Van de Velde en vrienden (2004)
Traditional folk
Wannes Van de Velde, Water en Wijn
De nomaden van de muziekDe nomaden van de muziek (2000)
Dutch folk & chanson, Blues & Country
Roland Van Campenhout, Wannes Van de Velde

Author of

Wannes Van de Velde. Groot LiedboekWannes Van de Velde. Groot Liedboek (2013)
kleinkunst, Folk
Wannes Van de Velde, Dree Peremans, Marc Hauman, Bernard Van Lent
Beloken dagenBeloken dagen (2003)
Wannes Van de Velde
FlamencoschetsenFlamencoschetsen (2001)
Folk, Wereldmuziek
Wannes Van de Velde
Wannes Van de Velde. De klank van de Stad.Wannes Van de Velde. De klank van de Stad. (1999)
Wannes Van de Velde

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