Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal), ensemble, oude muziek
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek
Conductor of:Erik Van Nevel
Actual/previous members:Mark Lambrecht, Bart Jacobs


Currende was founded in 1974 by singer and conductor Erik Van Nevel. The performance style of this excellent group is recognizable by virtue of its transparency, its energizing vitality and its painstakingly scrupulous attention for text and language. The ensemble has a special affinity with the eccentric 17th century. It also emphatically promotes the fabulous, but regretfully lesser- known Flemish polyphonic repertoire. In addition, its sphere of operations extends to the great vocal works of Bach and Mozart. Very sporadically there is also a subtle juxtaposition of older music with contemporary vocal work. The ensemble has made numerous recordings, also during concert tours abroad. Among the orchestras that have been working with Currende regularly, we mention Anima Eterna, La Petite Bande, Concerto Köln, Concerto 91 Amsterdam and Il Giardino Armonico. In 2009 Currende toured with Anthems by Henry Purcell and Claudio Monteverdi's Vespro della Beata Vergine, while concurrently taking care of a new opera production with music by Orlandus Lassus and the young Flemish composer Joachim Brackx.

Selective discography

Erik Van Nevel: Upon the chantErik Van Nevel: Upon the chant (2022)
Currende, Erik Van Nevel, Erik Van Nevel, Gregoriaans
Cipriano de Rore: Le Vergine / 11 MadrigalsCipriano de Rore: Le Vergine / 11 Madrigals (2018)
early music
Currende, Erik Van Nevel, Cipriano De Rore
Psalmi, Magnificat & LamentionsPsalmi, Magnificat & Lamentions (2017)
Currende, Erik Van Nevel, João Lourenço Rebelo
Cipriano De Rore - Sacred soundsCipriano De Rore - Sacred sounds (2015)
early music
Cipriano De Rore, Erik Van Nevel, Currende
O Kersnacht schooner dan de daegenO Kersnacht schooner dan de daegen (2011)
Traditional folk
Jan De Wilde, Currende
Gery de Ghersem - Ave Virgo SanctissimaGery de Ghersem - Ave Virgo Sanctissima (2011)
early music
Currende, Géry De Ghersem, Erik Van Nevel, Francisco Guerrero, Peeter Cornet, Philippe Rogier, Peter Philips, Gregoriaans (...)
Peter Philips - Paradisus Sacris CantionibusPeter Philips - Paradisus Sacris Cantionibus (2011)
early music
Peter Philips, Marie-Noëlle De Callatay, Greta De Reyghere, Marius Van Altena, Josep Cabré, Herman Stinders, Currende
Hans Leo Hassler. Sacred and secular musicHans Leo Hassler. Sacred and secular music (2010)
Currende, Hans Leo Hassler, Erik Van Nevel
Reformation & Counter-reformationReformation & Counter-reformation (2010)
early music
Ex Tempore, Capella Sancti Michaelis, Capilla Flamenca, Ricercar Consort, Patrick Denecker, Guy Penson, Currende, Collegium Vocale Gent (...)
Matheo Romero - musique à la cour d'EspagneMatheo Romero - musique à la cour d'Espagne (2009)
early music
Currende, Guillemette Laurens, Erik Van Nevel

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Six siècles de Musique en Wallonie et à BruxellesSix siècles de Musique en Wallonie et à Bruxelles (2002)
classicism, Baroque, early music
Diverse uitvoerders, Orlandus Lassus, Pietro Antonio Fiocco, anoniem, Johannes Ciconia, Gilles Binchois, Johannes Tinctoris, Mateo Romero (...)

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