Zefiro Torna

Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal)
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek
Actual/previous members:Cécile Kempenaers, Els Van Laethem, Liam Fennelly, Jurgen De bruyn, Sara L. Ridy, David Van Bouwel, Dirk De Hertogh, Philippe Malfait, Jowan Merckx


Zefiro Torna was founded in 1996. The name expresses allegorically how the mythological god of the westerly wind Zephyrus again and again succeeds in dispelling severe winters, an inspiring theme for quite a few poets and composers. Zefiro Torna consists of the singers Els Van Laethem and Cécile Kempenaers, gamba player Liam Fennelly and lutenist Jurgen De bruyn, often augmented with excellent singers and instrumentalists from different countries. Zefiro Torna combines authenticity with boundless creativity. While the ensemble has made a choice for period instruments and a historically informed interpretation, it also adds more imaginative elements. Literature, theatre, contemporary dance, contemporary and traditional music are integrated with intense enthusiasm. Zefiro Torna earned international fame with its multifaceted approach, resulting in acclaimed concert tours and invitations by internationally renowned music and arts festivals.The group’s CDs – among them El Noi de la Mare, De Fragilitate, Greghesche and Assim – have been awarded prestigious prizes again and again.

Selective discography

BalsamBalsam (2018)
21st century / contemporary, early music
Zefiro Torna
The allegory of desireThe allegory of desire (2016)
Zefiro Torna, Vocalconsort Berlin
Tears of JoyTears of Joy (2011)
Zefiro Torna, Thomas Brewer, Robert Ramsey, Matthew Locke, Thomas Morley, Thomas Campaert, John Bartlet, Francis Pilkington (...)
O, monde aveugleO, monde aveugle (2010)
early music, World / Ethnic, classical crossover, Jazz
Zefiro Torna, Els Van Laethem, Jowan Merckx, Philippe Laloy, Gwen Cresens, Vincent Noiret, Jurgen De bruyn, Liam Fennelly (...)
assimassim (2009)
21st century / contemporary, early music
Zefiro Torna, Cécile Kempenaers, Els Van Laethem, Liam Fennelly, Jurgen De bruyn, Petra Noskaiova, Het Nieuwe Gents Stadsblazerscollectief, Jean-Philippe Poncin (...)
Di Manoli Blessi - Il primo libro delle GreghescheDi Manoli Blessi - Il primo libro delle Greghesche (2008)
early music
Zefiro Torna, Cipriano De Rore, Giaches De Wert, Ivo De Vento, Manoli Blessi, Annibale Padovano, Bartolomeo Spontone, Gioseffo Guami (...)
De fragilitateDe fragilitate (2007)
early music
Zefiro Torna, Timo Väänänen, Antwerps Kathedraalkoor, Sebastiaan Van Steenberge, Jurgen De bruyn
Residentieconcerten Den Haag 2005-2006Residentieconcerten Den Haag 2005-2006 (2006)
Jazz, early music, 20th century, World / Ethnic
Frederik Croene, Sexteto Tanguedia, Zefiro Torna, Jef Neve Trio, Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer
Les TisserandsLes Tisserands (2006)
Jazz, European folk, early music
Zefiro Torna, Amorroma
75 jaar radio75 jaar radio (2005)
More Maiorum, Huelgas ensemble, Zefiro Torna, Vlaams Radio Orkest, Pianotrio Arthur Grumiaux, Marc Matthys, Toon Daems, Pierre De la Rue (...)

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