Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal), ensemble (instrumentaal), hedendaagse muziek, ensemble
Genre(s):20ste eeuw, 21ste eeuw / hedendaags
Conductor of:Koen Kessels
Actual/previous members:Karin De Fleyt, Geert Callaert, Marc Tooten, Gaetan La Mela, Peter Merckx, Mireille Capelle, Stijn Saveniers


HERMESensemble is an Antwerp-based collective for contemporary music and art. The repertoire and performance practice of the classical avant-garde are the starting points of the productions, but the ensemble consciously strives to cross artistic borders; on the one hand it searches for confrontations with early music, popular and world music, on the other hand it investigates synergies with other disciplines such as (music) theatre, the fine arts, video, film and multimedia. Many of the events explicitly have a visual character (old films or new media), and often take place at an unusual, appropriate location (e.g. sculptures by Anish Kapoor, industrial architecture...). The productions feature new music by composers such as Cage, Sciarrino, Saariaho, Feldman, Fedele, the Belgians Luc Brewaeys, Frédéric D’Haene, Wim Henderickx, and young talents such as Thomas Smetryns, Jelle Tassyns, Bram Van Camp and Annelies Van Parys.

HERMESensemble performs regularly in the mayor concert halls in Belgium. The ensemble also met with critical acclaim in The Netherlands, Paris, London, Venice, Vienna and Luxembourg.
HERMESensemble is an ensemble in residence at AMUZ.

(c) HERMESensemble 2012

Selective discography

RevelationsRevelations (2021)
21st century / contemporary
Wim Henderickx, HERMESensemble, Lore Binon, Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Muziektheater Transparant
Violin faces IIViolin faces II (2018)
21st century / contemporary
HERMESensemble, Bram Van Camp, Wibert Aerts, Charlotte Bray, Kaija Saariaho, Notabu Ensemble
Do'UnDo'Un (2017)
21st century / contemporary
HERMESensemble, Mireille Capelle, Mireille Capelle
AurumAurum (2015)
21st century / contemporary
Mireille Capelle, Mireille Capelle, HERMESensemble
TriptychTriptych (2014)
21st century / contemporary
HERMESensemble, Wim Henderickx, Wim Henderickx
Disappearing in lightDisappearing in light (2011)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
HERMESensemble, Wim Henderickx
Anello - Naga - SunyataAnello - Naga - Sunyata (2010)
ambient, Electro-Acoustic music, 21st century / contemporary
HERMESensemble, Karin De Fleyt, Marc Tooten, Gaetan La Mela, Stijn Saveniers, Arielle Valibouse, Fulco Ottervanger, Mireille Capelle (...)
Avant Garde 1927-1937, DVD 1 & 2Avant Garde 1927-1937, DVD 1 & 2 (2008)
21st century / contemporary
HERMESensemble, Joachim Brackx, Eric Sleichim, Jan Van Outryve, Annelies Van Parys, Mireille Capelle, Thomas Smetryns, Geert Callaert (...)
Lexicon van de muziek in West-Vlaanderen 4Lexicon van de muziek in West-Vlaanderen 4 (2006)
20th century
Eline Groslot, Bram Nolf, Ebony kwartet, Viviane Spanoghe, HERMESensemble, Less is more, Geert Callaert, Quintessens (...)
Vlaamse Hedendaagse MuziekVlaamse Hedendaagse Muziek
20th century, 21st century / contemporary
Claude Coppens, ChampdAction, Rolande Van der Paal, Vlaams Radio Orkest, HERMESensemble, Apsara, Vlaams Radiokoor (VRK), Jan Michiels (...)

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The times they are a-changin' 2011 (19.01.2011)
Koen Kessels muziekdirecteur Birmingham Royal Ballet (24.11.2009)
Persons/artist(s):Karin De Fleyt (musician)
Geert Callaert (musician, composer, soloist, teacher)
Marc Tooten (musician, teacher)
Gaetan La Mela (musician)
Peter Merckx (musician)
Kevin Voets (manager)