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Category:groep / artiest
Genre(s):Dance & Electronica, Jazz, electronica
Actual/previous members:Nicolas Roseeuw, Bart Maris, Hans Bossuyt, Tom Verschoore, Sara Gilis, Tim Vandenbergh, Buffi Duberman, Dorona Alberti, Gert Keunen


Pop professor Gert Keunen (°1969) doesn't only do books. As Briskey, the alter-ego of this music journalist, lecturer and author of numerous best-sellers about pop history, he has surrounded himself with a bunch of erudite musicians.

Starting with Cucumber Lodge in 2003, Briskey, with its ever-alternating line-up, released three excellent albums as well as a live album, recorded at Brussels' Ancienne Belgique.

Among the regular band members are such illustrious names as trumpeter Bart Maris, drummer Isolde Lasoen, Sara Gillis and saxophonist Nic Roseeuw. Dorona Alberti and Lien De Greef (aka Lady Linn) are in charge of the vocals.

The music on Briskey's latest CD before - during - after sounds like an astonishing soundtrack, drenched in avant-garde, experimental jazz, big band and a solid helping of drum 'n' bass. The outcome of this highly seasoned mix is something that unwittingly gets under your skin and deep into your legs.

(c) JazzLab Series 2009

Selective discography

Before - During - AfterBefore - During - After (2009)
Big Band jazz
BriskeyBriskey (2006)
Dance, Electronica
Scarlett Road-HouseScarlett Road-House (2006)
Cucumber LodgeCucumber Lodge (2003)

Op compilaties van Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen

Jazztublieft! / Vol. 3Jazztublieft! / Vol. 3 (2009)
Diverse uitvoerders
ElektromiumElektromium (2005)
Diverse uitvoerders

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