Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal)
Genre(s):oude muziek


Graindelavoix is an artistic collective, founded by Björn Schmelzer. It unites musicians who want to experiment with the relationship between performance and creation. The ensemble is fascinated by voices that discontinue their function as vehicles of communication, voices that refrain from carrying a message, but rather limit themselves to being the expression of their groundwork.

The ensemble searches in old repertoires for the undercurrent that makes those voices stand out against the grain of their era, makes them deploy their untimely character, thus enabling an interval, a space. What interests graindelavoix, is the relationship between notation and what remains elusive of this: the know-how of the singer (ornaments, improvisation, gestures…).

Preferential materials include Ockeghem’s polyphony, the complaint, the machicotage or extemporary ornamentation of plainsong by priests (machicots were members of the lower clergy who were singers), Mediterranean practices, late-scholastic dynamics and cinematics, the affective body, gesture and visual culture. The ensemble offers performances (concerts or performances in the framework of music theatre) that are repercussions of a broader process of work and research in progress.

For the CD “Poissance d’amours” graindelavoix received the Edison Award 2009 in the Netherlands in 2009.

Selective discography

Josquin the Undead: Laments, Deplorations and Dances of DeathJosquin the Undead: Laments, Deplorations and Dances of Death (2021)
early music
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer, Josquin Desprez, Nicolas Gombert, Jean Le Brun, Jheronimus Vinders, Benedictus Appenzeller
TenebraeTenebrae (2020)
early music
Graindelavoix, Carlo Gesualdo
The Liberation of the GothicThe Liberation of the Gothic (2018)
early music
Graindelavoix, John Browne, Björn Schmelzer, Thomas Ashewell
Portrait of the artist as a starved dog: MadrigalsPortrait of the artist as a starved dog: Madrigals (2017)
early music
Graindelavoix, Cipriano De Rore, Björn Schmelzer
Orazio Vecchi: RequiemOrazio Vecchi: Requiem (2017)
Graindelavoix, Orazio Vecchi, Björn Schmelzer, George de La Hèle, Pedro Rimonte, Duarte Lobo, Paolo Bravusi
Jean Hanelle. Cypriot VespersJean Hanelle. Cypriot Vespers (2016)
early music
Graindelavoix, Jean Hanelle, Björn Schmelzer
Music for an Antwerp churchMusic for an Antwerp church (2016)
early music, Baroque
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer, George de La Hèle, Alard du Gaucquier, Matthias Pottier, Pedro Ruimonte, Orazio Vecchi, Paolo Bravusi (...)
de Machaut Guillaume - Messe de Nostre Damede Machaut Guillaume - Messe de Nostre Dame (2016)
early music
Graindelavoix, Guillaume de Machaut, Björn Schmelzer
MotetsMotets (2014)
early music
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer
ConfrériesConfréries (2013)
early music
Graindelavoix, Jaikes de Cambai, Björn Schmelzer, Robert de Reins La Chièvre, Martin le Béguin de Cambrai, Chanoine de Saint-Quentin, anoniem

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