More Maiorum

Category:ensemble (instrumentaal), oude muziek
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek
Conductor of:Peter Van Heyghen
Actual/previous members:Simen Van Mechelen, Paulina Van Laarhoven, Michèle Vandenbroucque, Kris Verhelst
Actual/previous member of:Kris Verhelst


The name More Maiorum refers to the customary law of the ancestors in ancient Roman history and means “the way our ancestors did it”. The chamber music group bearing this name started as an initiative of some conservatory students who were totally dedicated to the authentic performance of baroque music with period instruments. Peter Van Heyghen has been leading More Maiorum since 1993. Their repertoire covers chamber music for 3 to 6 performers, composed between about 1560 and 1740. The stable core consist of the duo Peter Van Heyghen, recorder, and Kris Verhelst, organ and harpsichord. Depending on the programme this duo is augmented with a second recorder, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola da gamba, bass viol, cello, lute and/or voice. In the past fifteen years More Maiorum earned lavish praise with concerts and tours in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the U.S., and Japan. More Maiorum has also released a CD with early Italian baroque music in the Low Countries.

Selective discography

75 jaar radio75 jaar radio (2005)
More Maiorum, Huelgas ensemble, Zefiro Torna, Vlaams Radio Orkest, Pianotrio Arthur Grumiaux, Marc Matthys, Toon Daems, Pierre De la Rue (...)
Paradiso Armonico - Italian Chamber Music in the Low Countries c. 1650Paradiso Armonico - Italian Chamber Music in the Low Countries c. 1650 (2005)
More Maiorum, Nicolaus a Kempis, Philippus Van Wichel, Peter Van Heyghen
Alexander Utendal & Philippus de MonteAlexander Utendal & Philippus de Monte (2003)
early music
More Maiorum, Capilla Flamenca, Philippus De Monte, Alexander Utendal
Jean de CastroJean de Castro (2000)
early music
Marnix De Cat, Capilla Flamenca, More Maiorum, Jan Van Outryve, Simen Van Mechelen, Peter Van Heyghen, Dirk Snellings, Lieven Termont (...)