La Folata

Category:ensemble (vocaal-instrumentaal)
Genre(s):oude muziek
Actual/previous members:Thomas Baeté, Katelijne Lanneau, Wim Maeseele


La Folata is a young ensemble with a special interest in the late Middle Ages, more specifically in the music of the so-called ars nova and ars subtilior.  The members first met at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona, where they studied with renowned musicians such as Jordi Savall, Pedro Memelsdorff and Béatrice Martin.

All of them share a passion for the musical heritage of the Middle Ages. That there is little known about performance practice in that period is not seen by La Folata in terms of constraints, but rather as a challenge to fill the gaps with their inventiveness and imagination. Therefore the ensemble develops reconstructions of non-notated parts and pursues a quest for exciting instrumentations.

La Folata uses various combinations of recorder, psaltery, fiddle, lute, harpsichord, and organ, assisted by one or more singers. The programmes offer lively estampies (troubadour tunes for dancing), ethereal melodies and virtuosic diminutions from 14th-century Italy. The ensemble has already left its mark with a tour in the Netherlands, and has frequently performed in Flanders and Spain.

Selective discography

Gouden Vleugels: Jong talent & klassieke muziek 2004-2005Gouden Vleugels: Jong talent & klassieke muziek 2004-2005 (2004)
20th century, romanticism
La Folata, anoniem, SimoensTrio, Johannes Brahms, Duo XXI, Frédéric Devreese, Robert J. Rosen, Lucien Goethals (...)
IsabellaIsabella (2003)
early music
La Folata