Brick Quartet

Category:groep / artiest
Actual/previous members:Lode Vercampt, Dimitri Simoen, Mathias Van de Wiele, Ben Sluijs

Short description

Brick quartet is not your daily/usual jazz quartet. Out of their diverse backgrounds and intuïtive aproach Brick creates a poetical musical language with an original and distinctive sound as a result.


Brick quartet offers a set of original compositions and improvisations, plenty of contrasts but nevertheless always resonating. Their sound lies between a chamber music ensemble and a jazz combo and both forms are being explored.

Every composition has it’s own storyline and balances on the edge of jazz and classical music, impro and songwriting. The result is energetic music with a cinematic character, once turbulent, then melancholic and always creating space for individual and collective improvisation.

Brick was formed in June 2004 by Mathias Van de Wiele out of the desire to create an acoustic jazz-impro platform and to take on a new musical challenge. Their first full cd came out in 2009 on Chopstick records.

  • Ben Sluijs – altsax, flute
  • Mathias Van de Wiele – guitar, composer
  • Lode Vercampt – cello, composer
  • Dimitri Simoen – drums


Selective discography

Brick QuartetBrick Quartet (2009)
Brick Quartet