Paul Van Nevel

Category:groep / artiest, dirigent, uitgever
Genre(s):barok, oude muziek
Conductor of:Huelgas ensemble


Paul Van Nevel is artistic director of the Huelgas Ensemble, founded by him in 1970 as a followup of his activities at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Because of its interdisciplinary approach of the original sources – considering with equal attention literature, obsolete articulation, temperament, tempo and rhetoric – while concurrently taking into account the spirit of the age, the ensemble is considered one of Europe’s most prestigious groups for the performance of polyphonic music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  PaulVan Nevel is actively searching for unknown works, among them buried treasures of Flemish polyphony. He is a guest professor at the Musikhochschule Hannover and regularly conducts other ensembles, such as the Dutch Chamber Choir and the Danish Radio Choir. He wrote, among others, a monograph on Johannes Ciconia and a work on Nicolas Gombert. For the publisher Bärenreiter he also edited transcriptions of Renaissance music.  Paul Van Nevel received various distinctions: the Prix in Honorem of the Académie Charles Cros, several Diapasons d’Or, the Cannes Classical Award, several Chocs of Le Monde de la Musique, and several Caecilia prizes of the Belgian music press.

Selective discography

Simone de Bonefont - Missa Pro MortuisSimone de Bonefont - Missa Pro Mortuis (2020)
early music
Huelgas ensemble, Simone de Bonefont, Paul Van Nevel
The ear of Christopher ColumbusThe ear of Christopher Columbus (2019)
Huelgas ensemble, Paul Van Nevel
Hoogtepunten in de kunst van de Franco-FlamandsHoogtepunten in de kunst van de Franco-Flamands (2018)
early music
Huelgas ensemble, Jacobus Clemens Non Papa, Paul Van Nevel, Robert de Févin, Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeghem, Josquin Desprez
Francesca Caccini: La liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola d'AlcinaFrancesca Caccini: La liberazione di Ruggiero dall'Isola d'Alcina (2018)
Huelgas ensemble, Paul Van Nevel, Francesca Caccini
In the ear of Theodoor van LoonIn the ear of Theodoor van Loon (2018)
early music, Baroque
Huelgas ensemble, Francesco Soriano, Paul Van Nevel, Paolo Quagliati, Felice Anerio, Luca Marenzio, Domenico Mazzocchi, Géry De Ghersem (...)
The ear of the HuguenotsThe ear of the Huguenots (2017)
early music
Huelgas ensemble, Paul Van Nevel, Claude Goudimel, Claude Le Jeune, Jacques Mauduit, anoniem, Giovanni Animuccia, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (...)
The Mirror of Claudio MonteverdiThe Mirror of Claudio Monteverdi (2016)
Huelgas ensemble, Claudio Monteverdi, Paul Van Nevel, Nicola Vicentino, Cesare Tudino, Giaches De Wert, Luca Marenzio
Firminus Caron - Twilight of the Middle AgesFirminus Caron - Twilight of the Middle Ages (2016)
early music
Huelgas ensemble, Paul Van Nevel, Firminus Caron
Le mystère de 'Malheur me bat'Le mystère de 'Malheur me bat' (2015)
early music
Huelgas ensemble, Paul Van Nevel, anoniem, Alexander Agricola, Jacob Obrecht, Antonio de Cabezón, Josquin Desprez, Abertijne Malcourt (...)
Wolfgang Rihm - Et LuxWolfgang Rihm - Et Lux (2015)
21st century / contemporary
Huelgas ensemble, Wolfgang Rihm, Paul Van Nevel, Minguet Quartet

Author of

Het landschap van de polyfonistenHet landschap van de polyfonisten (2018)
Paul Van Nevel
Dertig jaar verslaafd aan LissabonDertig jaar verslaafd aan Lissabon (2006)
traditionele folk, Europese folk
Paul Van Nevel
Nicolas Gombert en het avontuur van de Vlaamse polyfonieNicolas Gombert en het avontuur van de Vlaamse polyfonie (1992)
oude muziek
Paul Van Nevel

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

Kerstkantate / A ceremony of carolsKerstkantate / A ceremony of carols (1969)
Knapenkoor Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino Aalst, Michaël Ghijs, Benjamin Britten, Orff-ensemble van het Lemmensinstituut te Leuven, Jos Wuytack, Jos Wuytack

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