Category:groep / artiest
Genre(s):Jazz, improvisatie
Actual/previous members:Lode Vercampt, Philippe Thuriot, Tom Wouters, Kristof Roseeuw
Guest members:René Lussier, Filip Wauters


At the beginning of 2005, Klara, the Flemish cultural radio station, asked Kristof Roseeuw - of the Flat Earth Society and various other bands - to put together an ensemble that could accompany the programme de Kunstkaravaan live. Roseeuw ended up with Tom Wouters on clarinet (FES, Kamikaze…), Lode Vercampt (Kris Defoort Quartet, Brick Quartet, …) on cello and Philippe Thuriot on accordion.

These highly extroverted guys form an exceptionally snappy quartet, playing around along the perimeters of jazz but also venturing into classical grounds. Their music can't be categorized. World music, classical, pop and improv are all welded into a tight unit of catchy rhythms and unexpected, novel soundscapes.

With their intimate yet boisterous house style, RadioKUKAorkest is a unique chamber ensemble. They performed a remarkable concert with the Canadian avant-garde guitarist René Lussier and a collaboration with New York saxophonist Ellery Eskelin is forthcoming. Those are quite some credentials! Music for serious people? Absolutely, but for those who also enjoy cartoon gags, high-speed chases and Monty Python.

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Songs for broadcastSongs for broadcast (2007)

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Jazztublieft! / Vol. 3Jazztublieft! / Vol. 3 (2009)
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