Enrique Tarde

Category:groep / artiest
Genre(s):Jazz, Latijns-Amerikaans
Actual/previous members:Henk de Laat, Ron van Stratum, Dirk Schreurs, Frank Peeters, Peter Hermesdorf

Short description

Pristine vocals and state-of-the-art grooves backed up by multi-faceted textures and lines are the trademarks of this unique band. This dazzling quintet creates a sparkling world of latin jazz brimming with both improvisation and harmony.


On one of his many voyages Henk de Laat, alias Enrique Tarde, lost his musical heart in Brazil. He spend most of his musical career serving others with his talents, but sometimes an artist´s wage becomes too big causing him to “lay his own creative egg."

The Enrique Tarde Quartet is the “four-in-hand" that takes us to southern areas.
In this formation the warm-hearted Dutch-Belgian not only plays the bass but he also signs for a big part of the compositions and, what¹s more, he´s an excellent singer. In 1996 he made his debut using his own name with the cd “But Beautifu". This cd promptly received the warm recommendations from Toots Thielemans who, like Henk has been “bitten" by the beautiful catching melodies and Brazilian music (remember the classical recording by Toots and Elis Regina). His new cd “Breaking through the shadows" contains his own Brazilian inspired songs and was recorded in Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

The quartet has been reformed to 'The Enrique Tarde Group'. This quintet experiments with Latin-jazz, searching for the grooves of fusion, maintaining melody and space for improvisation...a sparkling world of Latin-jazz.

Selective discography

BragasingaBragasinga (2015)
Wereldmuziek, fusion
Enrique Tarde
Breaking through the shadowsBreaking through the shadows (2005)
Enrique Tarde