Stefaan Vanheertum

Gent, 23.10.1956


Stefaan Vanheertum was born on 23 October 1956 in Ghent. From a young age he sang in various choirs, including the Schola Cantorum in Ghent and Rundadinella (conducted by Florian Heyerick). At present he is connected to the choir Vivente Voce (conducted by Philippe Benoit). Vanheertum studied alto recorder, piano and alto saxophone, and took lessons in harmony, music theory and music history at the music academy in Gentbrugge. After secondary school he studied chemistry at the Rijksuniversiteit Gent, graduating with a doctorate in sciences from that university in December 1982. In 1983 he began his studies in music theory and harmony at the conservatory in Ghent (with Norbert Goddaer), but was obliged to stop these studies prematurely because of his work situation At present he is the European area sales manager for a leading petrochemical company.
Vanheertum is self taught in composition and instrumentation. Composing is not his profession, but it does occupy most of his free time. The composer considers this to be an advantage, allowing him to be independent and guaranteeing his freedom. In February of 1995 and January of 1998 Vanheertum organised two concerts of world premieres of his music. The composer is good friends with a number of professional musicians, to whom he often dedicates his compositions. These were also the musicians that premiered his compositions in 1995 and 1998. Vanheertum is a member of the composers’ organisations Sabam, UBC and ComAV.

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Work review & selective list of works:

Selectieve discografie als componist

Stabat Mater & 4 Romantic orchestral songsStabat Mater & 4 Romantic orchestral songs (2016)
21st century / contemporary
Stefaan Vanheertum, Arc-en-ciel, Florian Heyerick, Amici Cantantes, Tom Deneckere
Stefaan Vanheertum - A Composer's Anthology 1998-2006Stefaan Vanheertum - A Composer's Anthology 1998-2006 (2012)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Diverse uitvoerders, Stefaan Vanheertum
WaterWater (2010)
21st century / contemporary
Deneyskwartet, Stefaan Vanheertum, Raoul De Smet
Een ontmoeting met de muziek van Stefaan VanheertumEen ontmoeting met de muziek van Stefaan Vanheertum (2006)
20th century
Guy Penson, Steven Marien, Annelies Brants, Arco Baleno, Stefaan Vanheertum

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