Tim Vets

Wilrijk (Antwerpen), 1974
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags


Tim Vets is a musician and a visual artist. As an artist he is interested in live electronics, the development of miniature synthesizers, installation, animation, the spatiality of music patterns and songs. His most recent projects include Polarisation, a room- filling construction of four rails which
carry transparent disks and are tilted following musical algorithms. As a result, the disks roll back
and forth and, as they are fitted with light-polarizing filters that block and unblock light depending on angle and position, changing constellations of transparency and opacity emerge.  Another recent project is volusonogram, a volumetric moving light sculpture. It is an installation in which soundwaves are into into volumetric shapes in motion, which alter when the sound waves change composition. Tim

Vets is also a core member of Champ d'Action, Antwerp based platform for contemporary music. For Champ d'Action he developed the Champ- synth, a miniature 1-bit synthesizer with 10 micro compositions and was released as an edition of 100 signed pieces. He is currently pursuing a doctorate at the Antwerp Conservatory and IPEM, Ghent about extended techniques for guitar and installation art.

 In 2011 he composed the music for the theatrical production 'Portrait' by Thomas Ryckewaert/Wolff

Selective discography

Luc Van Hove. Symphonic worksLuc Van Hove. Symphonic works (2001)
21st century / contemporary, 20th century
Levente Kende, Tim Vets, Vlaams Radio Orkest, Luc Van Hove, Etienne Siebens