Mirko Banovic

Actual/previous member of:PJDS, Arno, 2000 Monkeys, Root, Arsenal
Guest member of:Laïs


He studied at the Royal Music Conservatory in Ghent. He took lessons from bassplayers Bart Denolf and Nicolas Thys.
Mirko Banovic has played and recorded with Arno, An Pierlé, Zita Swoon, Tom Pintens, Lais, Stash, White wine dark grapes, Peter Vermeersch, Gabriel Rios, Magic Ballet Ensemble, Arsenal, Axelle Red, Stefan Eicher, Garland Jeffreys, Cinérex, Ultrasonic, Sharko, Orchestre du Mouvement Perpetuel, Viktor Lazlo, Sioen,Olla Vogalla, Omp, Baloji, etc He recorded five albums and one dvd with Arno.
Mirko Banovic works in dance, theater and music production such as Rising Soul (Isnel Dasilveira), Tambours Battants (Das theater), Soeur Sourire (Cie Cécilia), Cocoo Jumbo Sister (Centre Culturel Amiens), etc
He appeared several times on Rock Werchter (B), Belgium Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival (B), Couleur Café (B), TAZ (B), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Cactus Festival (B), Pinkpop (Nl), Les Ardentes (B), etc
Mirko Banovic is an electric bassplayer, plays also the upright bass and sings. He has
performed for television and radio in several countries.
Mirko is currently playing with Arno, Arsenal, Tom Pintens, Beehives.
He teaches electric bass at the PHL Music – Rockschool Hasselt.