Laurent Blondiau

Category:muzikant, artistiek leider
Genre(s):Jazz, free & experimental jazz
Instrument(s):trompet, bugel
Contact of:Mâäk's Spirit, Mâäk
Actual/previous member of:Mâäk's Spirit, MikMâäk, Octurn, Mâäk, Mixtuur, Rackham, Baba Sissoko Ensemble, Barbara Wiernik


Laurent Blondiau plays the trumpet and the bugel. He studied at the Royal Conservatory. His teacher were many amongst others Bert Joris and Richard Rousselet.

Laurent Blondiau is part of various collectives: Mâäk (of which he is the artistic director), oturn, Mégaoctet (France), Stéphane Payne Quartet, Nico Roig's band (Spain), Matters (Soundpainting), Gabor Gado's Quartet (Hungary) and is regularly asked by musicians, e.g. Laila Amezian, Ghalia Benali, Giovanni Di Domenico,...

Before he became the artistic director of Mâäk, he led his own quintet with Nathalie Loriers, Peter Hertmans, Otti Vanderwerf and Bilou Doneux (Queen of the Apple Pie, 1996)

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

The Accacha Chronicles Part IIIThe Accacha Chronicles Part III (2010)
20th century
Gondwana Orchestra, Nicholas Lens

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