Ewald Demeyere

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Genre(s):Klassiek, barok
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Actual/previous member of:Bach Concentus, Les Buffardins


Ewald Demeyere studied at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, where, besides winning first prizes in solfège, written and practical harmony, counterpoint and fugue, he obtained his master's degree for harpsichord in Jos van Immerseel's class. On completion of his studies in 1997, he was engaged as a teacher of harmony, counterpoint and fugue by the Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium Antwerpen. In 2002 he succeeded Jos van Immerseel as Professor of Harpsichord, and teaches harpsichord there on the instruments in the famous collection of the Vleeshuis Museum. As a player of chamber music he has worked with, among others, Barthold and Sigiswald Kuijken, and with Vinciane Baudhuin (Duo Capricornus). In July 2004 he was Guest of Honour at the Festival of Flanders Musica Antiqua in Bruges. Ewald Demeyere has taken part in many recordings for radio and television. Among his CD recordings as a soloist or chamber musician are Tears (Challenge Classics), 18th-Century Flemish Harpsichord Music (recorded on the Dulcken 1747; Challenge Classics), Pièces de Clavecin by Joseph-Hector Fiocco (ACCENT), J. S. Bach – The Young Virtuoso (ACCENT), Sonatas & Fugues by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (ACCENT), Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti (ACCENT), Eight Keyboard Sonatas by Thomas Augustine Arne (ACCENT), Flute Sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach (with Barthold Kuijken; ACCENT), The Sonatas for Flute and B.C. by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (with Barthold Kuijken; ACCENT) and Flute Sonatas by the Bach Sons (with Barthold Kuijken; ACCENT). In 2007 he founded the Baroque orchestra  Bach Concentus (www.bachconcentus.be), which has already appeared in Belgium, Italy and Spain. Bach Concentus realized until now three CD recordings for ACCENT. In March 2008 a first double CD appeared with overtures by Johann Bernhard Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann. In January 2010 a new CD by Bach Concentus was released, entitled La Bouffonne, with vocal and orchestral works by Georg Philipp Telemann inspired by the commedia dell’arte (with Dorothee Mields, soprano). In April 2012 appeared Symphonies by the Bach Sons, which was awarded a Choc by Musica. In 2009 Ewald Demeyere obtained a PhD at the University of Antwerp and the Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen (Associatiefaculteit Kunsten), when he presented his thesis: A Contextual, Text-Critical Analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of Fugue – Reflections on Performance Practice and Text-Critical Analysis, and the interaction between them. His book Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of Fugue – Performance Practice based on German Eighteenth-CenturyTheory was published by Leuven University Press in 2013. Also in 2013 he has been invited as a jury member to the international harpsichord competition Paola Bernardi in Bologna

Selective discography

Telemann Philipp - Les Nations - Ouvertures & Oboe ConcertiTelemann Philipp - Les Nations - Ouvertures & Oboe Concerti (2015)
Bach Concentus, Ewald Demeyere, Georg Philipp Telemann
TearsTears (2014)
Ewald Demeyere, William Byrd, Louis Couperin, Johann Jacob Froberger, Melchior Schildt, Thomas Tomkins
A portrait - La Petite BandeA portrait - La Petite Bande (2012)
Baroque, classicism
Sigiswald Kuijken, La Petite Bande, René Jacobs, Werner van Mechelen, Huub Claessens, Donato Di Stefano, Markus Schäfer, Monica Groop (...)
Symphonies by the Bach SonsSymphonies by the Bach Sons (2012)
Bach Concentus, Ewald Demeyere, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Christian Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach
18th Century Flemish Harpsichord Music18th Century Flemish Harpsichord Music (2011)
Ewald Demeyere, Josse Boutmy, anoniem, Dieudonné De Raick, F.I. de Boeck, Ferdinand Staes, Charles-Joseph van Helmont, Natalis Chrétien Vander Borght (...)
Vivaldi - Händel. Sonatas & Trio Sonatas for Oboe & Basso ContinuoVivaldi - Händel. Sonatas & Trio Sonatas for Oboe & Basso Continuo (2011)
Marcel Ponseele, Antonio Vivaldi, Ann Vanlancker, Georg Friedrich Händel, Ewald Demeyere, Richte van der Meer
Bach Johann Sebastian - Mis in si kleinBach Johann Sebastian - Mis in si klein (2009)
La Petite Bande, Jan Van der Crabben, Ewald Demeyere, Frank Theuns, Koen Plaetinck, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sigiswald Kuijken
Telemann Georg Philipp - O woe! O woe! My canary is dead!Telemann Georg Philipp - O woe! O woe! My canary is dead! (2009)
Dorothee Mields, Bach Concentus, Ewald Demeyere, Ewald Demeyere
The artistry of Barthold KuijkenThe artistry of Barthold Kuijken (2008)
Barthold Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken, Robert Kohnen, Ewald Demeyere, Sigiswald Kuijken, Lucy Van Dael, Luc Devos, Georg Philipp Telemann (...)
Flute sonatas by the Bach sonsFlute sonatas by the Bach sons (2008)
Barthold Kuijken, Ewald Demeyere, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christian Bach, Johann Christoph Bach

Selectieve discografie als componist

Miniaturen voor archipelMiniaturen voor archipel (2000)
20th century
Kris Matthynssens, Pieter Stas, Goeyvaerts Strijktrio, Jan Van Landeghem, Bart Meynckens, Stefaan De Bruyne, Bart Van Kerchove, Boudewijn Buckinx (...)

Author of

Vlaamse klavecimbelmuziek uit de 18de eeuw dl 2
Vlaamse klavecimbelmuziek uit de 18de eeuw dl 2
Vlaamse klavecimbelmuziek uit de 18de eeuw dl 1
Vlaamse klavecimbelmuziek uit de 18de eeuw dl 1

Selectieve discografie als medewerker

G.F. Handel. The Complete Solo Sonatas for Wind InstrumentsG.F. Handel. The Complete Solo Sonatas for Wind Instruments (2015)
Barthold Kuijken, Georg Friedrich Händel, Peter Van Heyghen, Marcel Ponseele
Joseph-Hector Fiocco. Lamentationes hebdomadae sacraeJoseph-Hector Fiocco. Lamentationes hebdomadae sacrae (2006)
Greta De Reyghere, Groupe C, Jan Van der Crabben, Joseph-Hector Fiocco, Thomas Luks
Accents of BaroqueAccents of Baroque (2004)
Barthold Kuijken, Marcel Ponseele, Christoph Graupner, Il Gardellino, Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Fey, Sigiswald Kuijken, Ensemble La Passione (...)
MagicMagic (2000)
Vier Op 'n Rij - Flanders Recorder Quartet, Diverse componisten

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