Bart Maris

Category:muzikant, groep / artiest
Ninove, 18.12.1965
Genre(s):Jazz, free & experimental jazz
Contact of:1000
Actual/previous member of:Rackham, The Whodads, Flat Earth Society, A Group, Va Fan Fahre, Moker, iNtertidal, Jaune Toujours, Excelsior, 1000, Glits, Electric Barbarian, Briskey, Briskey Big Band
Guest member of:X-Legged Sally, Ludo Vandeau

Short description

Trumpet player Bart Maris pops up in a multitude of project pools and groups that are outside of the mainstream.


Bart Maris (°1965) is a musician from the outskirts of jazz. It's not that he doesn't like the downtown club scene. It's that Maris enjoys the arguments and discussions with different genres and different musicians too much, to be able to choose one particular course. It isn't surprising then that he pops up in a multitude of project pools and groups that are outside of the mainstream.

He becomes entangled in a frenzied affair with two Moogerfoogers and a loop machine, in a solo performance.

With the band, Electric Barbarian he doesn't hesitate in merging hip-hop with a distorted trumpet.

With the quartet Kamikaze he mingles improvisation with rock – something he also does with 69, a double-trio consisting of two horns, two double basses and two drum kits.

With FES he took on the persona of Satchmo for the CD, ‘The Armstrong Mutations’.

Then he hooks up with Moker, a band that swings like a rolling egg, certainly not unwilling to serve up a bit of Ellingtonia and equally enthusiastic about swerving off into some minimalist free jazz. Life can be thoroughly exciting on the outskirts.

(c) Bart Cornand for Flanders Music Centre

Selective discography

Walabix invite Bart MarisWalabix invite Bart Maris (2014)
free & experimental jazz
Walabix, Bart Maris
KrommekeerKrommekeer (2013)
free & experimental jazz
Bart Maris, Lode Vercampt
CastigoCastigo (2006)
free & experimental jazz
Bart Maris, Giovanni Barcella, Paola Bartoletti, Monika Lilleike
High Roof No RoofHigh Roof No Roof (2006)
Bart Maris, Peter Jacquemyn
Festival voor nieuwe muziek Happy New Ears 2004Festival voor nieuwe muziek Happy New Ears 2004 (2004)
Electro-Acoustic music
Diverse uitvoerders, Bart Maris, Moniek Darge
November Music 2003November Music 2003 (2003)
20th century
Stefaan Smagghe, Daan Vandewalle, Sax Appeal, Bart Maris
November Music 1997 - Third StreamNovember Music 1997 - Third Stream (1997)
20th century
Bart Maris, Peter Vermeersch