Kristof Lauwers

Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, electro-akoestische muziek, klassiek experimenteel
Actual/previous member of:Logos Ensembles, 5┬░Ensemble


Finished his classical guitar studies with Ida Polck. In 2004 he became master of composition in the class of dr. Godfried-Willem Raes at the Ghent Royal Conservatory. He is regulary working at the Logos electronic music studio as well as with the M&M robot orchestra. With his piece Processing #3, he participated in the 'Muziekronde van Vlaanderen' in Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp.  Several of his works have been performed at Logos.

Electroacoustic work of him can be found on the logos CD's.

He also collaborates to the development of <GMT>, a multitasking development system for real time interactive and algorithmic composition, especially on the development of code and structures for granular synthesis. Nowadays he is mainly active as the artistic leader of the Logos M&M robot orchestra. His specialisation is the development of interactive as well as algorithmic compositions for this quite unique setting.His music can regularly be heard in and around Flanders, but has also been playes-d at Festivals in the Netherlands, France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal.

Selectieve discografie als componist

Lonely RobotsLonely Robots (2010)
21st century / contemporary
Godfried-Willem Raes, Yvan Vander Sanden, Sebastian Bradt, Kristof Lauwers, Moniek Darge, Troy Rodgers, Xavier Verhelst
<Robodies><Robodies> (2005)
20th century
Logos Ensembles, Kristof Lauwers, Godfried-Willem Raes, Moniek Darge, Jelle Meander
PolypoetryPolypoetry (2005)
20th century
Duo XXI, Dirk Veulemans, Kristof Lauwers, Jelle Meander
AutomatonAutomaton (2001)
20th century, 21st century / contemporary
Godfried-Willem Raes, Kristof Lauwers, Thomas Smetryns

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